Give Me Your Life Shattering Inspirational Books for Women

I’m attempting to expand the library of incredibly powerful, life changing, illusion destroying books for (young) women to help a few walk back from the ledge of existential despair and begin a new path towards something powerful and good.

Please share your best spells and you be helping someone this month who needs it.


Hi! I’m not sure what age range you’re looking for, or whether you want fiction or non-fiction, but I’m sitting right now in front of my bookshelf looking for books with strong female characters who have inspired me and made me feel stronger in myself. Lots of them are SF, because that’s what I seem to enjoy most. Here are some authors that jumped out at me (I’ll mark the ones that are marketed as YA, but I think a teenager could read any of them):

Naomi Novik
Rainbow Rowell (YA)
Jo Walton
Connie Willis
Frannie Billingsley (YA)
Patricia C. Wrede (YA)
Lois McMaster Bujold


@ZacharyFeder - hey! I’m largely unpublished, but I exceptionally want to work in this field. Is this a person that would benefit from a personal contact/relationship ala mentor? If so, let me know.

Meanwhile I LOVE:

  • The Places that Scare You, Pema Chodron
  • Emergent Strategy, adrienne maree brown

These authors have incredible voices with that gentle, genuine confidence that we can, really, make sense of our lives and move through anything with grace.


This is wonderful Mary, thank you. I will check them all out, purchase a few and pass on a referral. Much appreciated!!

Thanks Care - Prema is on my list and I do love her work as its so accessible. And I will keep you on my list of possible contacts not just for her but for others. Much appreciated.

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