Sheree Brown, lovemestiza

Hey all, just wanted to share a micro download…

Last night was magical. Held a poetry reading at my home, attended by 10 folks, featuring the outrageous mind-bending astonished-laugh-inducing poetry stylings of our own @madrush. A good time (or at least, some real real good conversations!) were had by all. Looking to do more of this in the future… bringing the practices out of the ethersphere and onto the Earth by meeting up in-person in our fleshy intelligence-containers. All about it.

There’s someone who I wish I knew better to personally invite to last night’s events, but who I’m aiming to connect with more and who I harbor a secret hope will lead a poetry event of her own in my home one day soon.

Sheree Brown is a writer who I’m really excited to have connected with. She is from Denver and goes by lovemestiza. You can check out some of her writings here:

Excerpt: “I am Mestiza, and I am new consciousness. I am old spirit meets new medicine. I am ancestor fused futurism. I am the new ancestor. I cannot separate bloodlines, and I know no other way to be. I am my every root. I am You.”

It’s these kind of teachers I am encountering lately whose very words are their most potent medicine. The power to make or break worlds.

I just bought 2 copies of her book. If it’s as dope as I expect it will be, I hope to share it with & push it on y’all. Also will speak with her when I see her next about submitting a piece to Metapsychosis.



She sounds great. Yes, let’s conect with her more deeply if you like her book. (I would also like to check it out.) Based on a couple writings I’ve just seen on her website, I will bet you won’t be disappointed.

One timely point of connection:

We will be hosting sessions on Octavia Butler every two weeks for the next couple months. Next meeting: Parable Series by Octavia Butler Conversation 3: Parable of the Sower Chapters 9-25

It was a wonderful event last night, thank you again for hosting! I hope you get a chance to invite “@lovemestiza“ to a future gathering.