Good Men, Shitty Dreams, and Moving towards a Polyphasic Culture [CCafe 10/23]

Title ideas:

  • Dreams and other Good Shit
  • Talking Shit
  • Shitty Dreams
  • Cosmic Crap and other Cultured Shit
  • Scatological Dreams

Better ideas? - M.

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This is going to take place 2 hours earlier than usual, or is that a typo?

…corrected. This post is bare-bones wiki; add in at will!

I had planned on inserting a meditation on space. Maybe at a later date. For now see @madrush’s

Happy to say I will be able to attend full time this round.

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Da%20Vinici Here’s to Getting Off on a Good Footing in the Cafe’,Cheers!


I’ll be there/here … open & willing. It’s been an amazing week!


Great to hear. I’ll try to come early to catch the pre-meeting grooves :musical_note:


If nothing untoward comes up, I shall also be there.

Picking up where @madrush’s Reading-Suggestions-ruminations left off is fine with me.

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Now, you’re @Michael_Stumpf you’re getting down to it.


800-pound-gorilla-300x300 Let’s Dance & Sing to the Beat of HeyJude or Shake,Rattle & Roll,My Brother From another Mother,All there is ,is Love.Thanks Mark

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There’s No Link to the Video ???

It was there but digitally veiled…

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