Humor is Humankind's Greatest Blessing-Mark Twain

I have Participated in & Observed in my Interaction with Infinite Conversations an increase in Laughter & Humor(a lightness) around the very serious Content in Conversations. I would like to Hear from U’All of the part Mark Twain’s Quote: plays in Our / Your Interest,Commitment & Creativity to participating in these profound Expressions among Us/U’All?

My personal reminder!


Yeah. A necessary ingredient. Or as Freud discovered/uncovered - a necessary ego defense. Without it, i.e., the ability to laugh at ourselves, our folly - we are doomed. #freudwasright


I personally don’t think Freud was the first or only one to come up with the Idea,it’s a element of the Universe.


That goes w/o saying, but maybe, I have to say: humor, as well as repression, the unconscious, dreams, personalities, variation, has always existed once we, humans, became human. Or “evolved” to our present state of consciousness, i.e. self awareness … and of which might yet to be the bane of we as a functional, living organism on earth. Just saying … .
Food for thought: mammals ate the dinosaur eggs, hominids ate the the mammals, and now? machines eat that which gave rise to them? Evolution? with or without purpose?
Just thinking …

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