Interview with Marco V. Morelli about Art, Poetry, and more...for Alasart. Art and Time 2022 Series of videos

Playlist Conversation with Marco V. Morelli

It is going to be more videos coming soon.

If you wish to have an interview in Spanish or English please write to me alasart44@gmail, place the topic you work on, and how can be related to our page and projects in Alasart.

Thank you again Marco V. Morelli for the wonderful conversation and hope we do more and we can translate to Spanish and other languages.


A Felt Sense of the Resonance of Participating with this Conversation:

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Thank you It is wonderful lyrics and music. Yes.

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Thank you, @KlausSansaya, for taking the time to produce these videos. It was a real pleasure speaking with, and I hope others will take you up on your offer to do more interviews. Let’s continue our collaborations :smile:


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