Is People Really Evolving? – by Layman Pascal

John Vervaeke and Jordan Peterson are barely able to articulate what a truly non physicalist view might be (Vervaeke even less so). Obviously, with a physicalist view, not only evolution but nothing could possibly have any meaning. So much for metamodernism and evolution.

Wilber and subsequent integralists are equally confused, combining two impossible things - a world shunning version of Shankara and evolution. So much for integralism.

Now, Sri Aurobindo, as some in Infinite Conversations have seen, has a coherent, integrated (not integral!!) view, but does anybody understand what he and the Mother are saying? Pick any passage from Mother’s Agenda (not Sri Aurobindo’s writings, which unfortunately use language which makes people think he’s just giving a modern version of Vedanta) and see.

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