Let's talk about Psychedelics [Cosmos Café 2023-06-01 & 06-15]

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"I think of going to the grave without having a psychedelic experience like going to the grave without ever having sex. — Terrence McKenna (full quote)

In some parts of the world, in recent years, the conversation about psychedelics has evolved away from the rhetoric of the (mostly failed) “war on drugs” to one about how we can relate to these substances in wise and healthy ways, on both personal and societal levels. This includes discussion of therapeutic, creative, and spiritual uses of psychedelic plants and compounds, including psilocybin mushrooms, ayahuasca, peyote, iboga, LSD, MDMA, and many others.

Popular culture is rife with references to psychedelic experiences, and organizations such as MAPS have been pioneering clinical research along with legalization efforts, which are beginning to bear fruit in multiple US states, including Colorado, Oregon, and Washington. Some countries, such as the Netherlands, Brazil and Mexico, have either decriminalized some psychedelics or tolerate their use for ritual and spiritual purposes (particularly in relation to Indigenous traditions).

In this Café, we’ll share some of our personal experiences with, knowledge about, and lessons learned from “the psychedelic experience,” and discuss the ways in which we believe psychedelics can be useful (or may still be harmful) in a variety of contexts, such as mental health, spirituality, creativity, and re-creation. In particular, we’ll be exploring what a healthy, psychedelic-friendly culture could look like, where psychedelics are respected and honored, while also being treated with the due caution that any powerful and potentially life-altering medicine is due.

Reading / Watching / Listening

If nothing else, please watch this talk by Jamie Wheal, which addresses, in a particularly synthetic way, some of the big picture issues with integrating psychedelics into contemporary culture and society.

Seed Questions

  • What is your personal background with psychedelics? In what kinds of contexts have you experienced these substances, and with what effects or results?
  • How do you believe that psychedelics can be incorporated into a spiritual path, an artistic practice, or healing work? What has been your personal approach to using psychedelics in a healthy way?
  • What questions, concerns, or fears do you have about the use of psychedelics, or their embrace in contemporary society (especially, where legalization efforts are taking root)? How do you feel about the ways that legalization is popularizing psychedelics, as well as bringing corporate and capitalistic motivations into the picture?
  • What do you believe might be the limits of psychedelics in the context of spiritual growth? Where and when is it important to forgo the use of psychedelics and focus on purely endogenous (or self-generated, as distinct from exogenous, or externally introduced) methods?
  • What is your relationship with traditional practices and cultures of medicine work, particularly amongst Indigenous and currently disenfranchised groups? What do you feel that the modern world misses about, or may fruitfully contribute to, traditional relationships with plant medicines?

Context, Backstory, and Related topics


I am certainly going to try to be there. Thank you, Marco, for the invitation. I particularly enjoyed Jamie Wheal!!


I very much enjoyed our conversation today. Thank you, Marco, for making that happen. You’re beautiful.
I shared this prayer at the end of our cafe. It’s a marvelous entry to a psychedelic journey.

Lord, I know not what I ought to ask of thee;
Thou only knowest what I need;
Thou lovest me better than I know how to love myself.
O Father, give to Thy child
that which he himself knows not how to ask.
I dare not ask either for crosses or for consolations;
I simply present myself before Thee,
I open my heart to Thee.
Behold my needs which I know not myself;
see and do according to Thy tender mercy.
Smite or heal; depress me or raise me up;
I adore all Thy purposes without knowing them;
I am silent; I offer myself in sacrifice;
I yield myself to Thee:
I would have no other desire than to accomplish Thy will.
Teach me to Pray. Pray Thyself in me. Amen.

				Francois de Salignac Fenelon
				Archbishop of Cambray, 1651-1715 AD

Thank you, Andrea. That prayer is really beautiful, and I am going to use the next time I have the opportunity.

Here is the recording from our session:

Let’s talk again in two weeks—on June 15 at 12 pm Mountain time.

Same Zoom link: Launch Meeting - Zoom


What a Marvelous Miracle to Experience over CyberSpace,
the Intention,Intensity,& Integration -Individual Expressions
on this Thread!

My Visual-Feeling Affect Opening;



Deep Bows to All…I plan on coming to the “Next Table Fellowship”
Peace,Kindness & Laughter!


Wonderful indeed… just to be… with all of you.


Thank you all was really good to participate in this fist one… slowly opening up…


Hi eveyone, do you know the exact date for the next meeting…?

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Thursday, June 15
12 pm US Mountain time

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Video conference: Launch Meeting - Zoom

Looking forward to seeing you!

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What If? The Earth Is Speaking Through Us?

How Do WE Learn To Feel,Listen & then See?


@achronon, @Ariadne, @andreavdl, @KlausSansaya, @colinkarewa, and @LadyG ~

This is just a friendly reminder that our next Cosmos Café (which will be Part 2 of “Let’s talk about Psychedelics”) is coming up this Thursday at 12 pm Mountain time

In your (computer’s) time zone: 2023-06-15T18:00:00Z.

Video conference: Launch Meeting - Zoom

I hope to see you there and continue the insightful conversation we started a couple weeks ago.

@Michael_Stumpf, would be cool to see you too. Thanks for sharing that talk with Brian Muraresku. I’ve gotten a good start reading his book, The Immortality Key, and am really enjoying it. Long live the Mysteries!


FYI: Have an earlier appointment of unknown duration … I may be late, so don’t wait extra should I not be there on time. Will check in as soon as I can.


This piece may speak to the need for the use of Psychedelics ? Maybe
the use is to help Compost, “These Changing Times Are A Changing”!


I’d like to offer my write-up on Session Work which I created after years of experience.
See you tomorrow :wink: Andrea

Session Work.pdf (102.7 KB)

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Recordings from our Part 2 here:

Speaker View

Gallery View

Thanks everyone for the truly elevating conversation!


Oh God i miss the day…sorry … i hope I can be next time if will be more from you.


Yes Colin it is a suggestion from some spiritual teachers to develop our inner third eye without any subtance… Sometimes they can be a good force to jump an interval or trauma but jus used under guide and once in a life time…

It is say that if we get use to them we lost our will, and we dont made efforts to relax or to be…
Also is the red path with Castañeda they experience and help them followers to experience all of them and they have rituals… but is a path that can end the life of the people so easy…if is trauma not recommended… if is not a true spiritual comunity and teacher not go that path…
I use legal pills for Epilepsy and I feel sometimes shame about it. I am really grathfull that the medice existe but they sometime also can produce hallucinations… I did take medicine that take me to the hospitale for the hallucinations that create… the name is Keppra… really weird.
So the neurologist also medicate medicine depending them patient.
I love this topic, because is also said that some plants can help epilepsy but let say there is a big problem how to afford the plant and how to have the right quantity…?
If you born in a city is not really accessible the plants.
I love all the stories and work that you did each of you… I know by my dad that medicine is a big work from people to create better accesibility to medications…
I feel shame because i cant find my way in the path of the plants even i try many things diets, and oriental medicine did not work with me… i am now going with Kiloby method inquiry of my trauma… hoping to help but mostly is helping me to not be shame about my life…and condition.


Beautiful interventions… the music, the religion, the spiritual, the different ways… and states of experiment life.
to be connected with the ethics and the way to life not to death.

Thank you all… hope the new meeting will continue about the integration of consciousness and this.