Love is Patient, Love is Kind: St. Paul's Advice For Contemporary Esoteric Spirituality – by Chris Dierkes

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On second glance I find it very odd indeed that we should have this reading at so many weddings when after all this passage is about esoteric paranormal phenomenon.…

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Interesting presentation of an interesting idea. I am more used to presentations using the gospels as texts containing not-always-obvious esoteric teaching, and am not used to Paul being presented as a teacher of esoteric principles, but I found the idea intriguing.

Do you happen to know what greek word was being used for the translated word “love” in this Corinthians text? Agape?

I would certainly agree that the universal love teaching of the christian system is, arguably christianity’s greatest contribution to the minds of this planet, and that it is incredibly important as a method and orienting guide in our times and for our dilemma.

However, exactly how that universal love is to first, be attained, and second, be manifest and foundational, and third, be maintained, is not yet a clear part of our collective effort.


I loved the article. For those interested in other authors who present Paul as a teacher of esoteric principles, they might want to try the writings of the modern Christian mystic and Franciscan friar, Richard Rohr.


I recently discovered Richard Rohr through a podcast and love his genuine presence and sharp wit. I second your recommendation, Jennifer. :slight_smile:

I am coming to this conversation quite late. However, I found this article fascinating, solidly written and food for thought. I had no “back-story” on this community of Corinthians, nor the soup in which their lives were brewing. I would like to thank the author for this holistic writing.

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