Non-monetary ways to contribute to Infinite Conversations

(Marco V Morelli) #1

How do we actualize a gift economy here on the site? Here are some things any member can do:

  • close reading
  • active listening
  • offering clear, empathetic feedback
  • compiling notes or creating transcripts of live dialogues
  • reviving old topics
  • tagging topics
  • community tech support
  • reporting on your independent research
  • digesting the Key Docs
  • hosting a Cosmos Café
  • hosting a channel or sub-channel
  • promoting our publications to the world (et tweet?)
  • transforming conflict
  • sharing your dreams
  • asking better questions
  • cultivating a curious attitude (hmm…)
  • being yourself / trying something new
  • saying what you really think (when you’ve actually really thought about it)
  • adding to this wiki topic!

How to get started? Most of the items above, you can do on your own. For ways of giving that are technical or organizational, talk to our @guides.

Getting started here? READ THIS first...