On the World-Disclosing Rifts of Cinema: J. F. Martel and Christopher Yates in Dialogue


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Well after several weeks of getting through this discussion a bit at a time at the coffee shop, I want to say, wow. A lot of really cool ideas, some of which definitely were over my head. So thank you Christopher for the ‘Montreal’ example. A lot of thoughts stimulated from both of you and I will comment here on just one. I do relate to you J.F saying you want a world without artifice and on another level you understand that is a ‘romantic’ notion. Yes, I would agree and say that seems a bit ‘idealistic’. And ironically idealism seems to me one of the driving forces of artifice.


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Hey @GlenRunciter. That’s a great point, and very true. I’m going to think about that. Thank you so much for reading and commenting.