Post actions & reactions

There are action buttons at the bottom of each post; what appears there will look different depending on what permissions your user account has for that particular post:

post-action-like       post-action-link-ic       post-action-bookmark       post-action-more       post-action-reply Reply

  • To let someone know that you enjoyed and appreciated their post, use the post-action-like like button. Share the love!

  • Grab a copy-pasteable (permalink) link to any reply or topic via the post-action-link-ic link button.

  • Save a post for later with the post-action-bookmark bookmark button, which will also give you reminder options, if desired. You can find your saved bookmarks a couple of ways:

  • Use the post-action-more more button to reveal more actions, if allowed:

    • post-action-flag Flag to privately let the author, or the site staff, know about a problem.

    • post-action-edit Edit to edit your post, if possible.

  • post-action-reply Reply to the post, if desired. Read How to reply + basic post styling and @mentions for more details.