Recordings available from the GEBSER + JUNG HERE AND NOW—A CONSCIOUS EMERGENC(E/Y) Conference

Last year our Infinite Infidels and Idolators shared online and in-person experiences gathering around the Gebser Conference held in Boulder, Colorado. This year’s conference Gebser +Jung Here and Now has come and gone…but our fine Jungian Friends of Monterey + the Jean Gebser Society have made the recordings available online.

LIsa Maroski, Jeremy Johnson, Matt Segall are among the list of familiar names…perhaps once a @ccafe crew rendezvous is in order, an in depth conversation around one of these presentations would emerge.


This is a good idea, Doug. I have watched half of the presentations and look forward to viewing all of them. I would like to do a review of LIsa’s presentation. You may recall that we did a Cafe on the Gebser paper that she mentions. As many of us are language geeks, it could help to sponsor another Cafe to update us.

How have we integrated these ideas in our practice? If not, what happened that was an obstacle to integration? We can explore our breakdowns as well as our breakthroughs in a future Cafe . As we are under pressure in this election year, to make sense from nonsense, it might help to create conditions for a Cafe soon.

There are other thinkers here to think about, too, Jeremy, we all know well. Matt has a brilliant lecture on German Idealism, that is the best I have ever seen, at CIIS. What he says here, at the Gebser conference, is of great interest, too.

Maybe we can invite each of us, who have an interest in Gebser/Jung , to pick a topic, inspired by one of the talks, and develop our own collaborative research creation?

And knowing what you know, now, that you didn’t know , then, what difference does knowing that make?


Thanks for the link. Much appreciated. There is certainly much food for thought and discussion here.

It goes without saying – though I have to say it, otherwise you wouldn’t know – that I have listened to/viewed all the talks, and certainly not as much as John has – but I would like to make a concrete suggestion, say, for next Tuesday (given that it’s not Friday yet) and the CCafé.

We could start with Sean Kelly’s “Jung, Gebser, and the Fullness of Time”, because

  • His talk – including Q&A – isn’t overly long <45 min.
  • He brings up concepts and notions that are relevant to recent CCafé and other IC activities, e.g., “Axial Age”, “Astrology”, “Initiation/Ritual”, “Synchronicity”, “Embodiment”, “Faith”, etc.
  • He addresses topics that are relevant and related to previous CCafés, such as NDEs, and Activism
  • Familiar names are mentioned, e.g., Gebser, Jung (obviously), but also Tarnas, and Hedges
  • And he raises the important question: How do we live with the time we have left (as a species, or individually – take your pick)?

As we really haven’t had a CCafé for the past few weeks, this might be a reasonable way to get back into the swing of things since there is really “something for everybody” in this talk, and for that reason it opens up the possibility for anyone and everyone to get involved before we start deep diving again.

Whereby: I think there is ample opportunity for just that – as John pointed out, say, with Lisa’s contribution – and even more.

Any thoughts?


Excellent idea, Ed, for all the reasons you outline. Could you set up the page for this Tuesday? It would be good to do this Cafe before the distractions of the holidays kick in. I like Kelly’s sense of urgency. We might get to that Second Order Occulture if enough of us can drop the stuff we already know doesn’t work. I regret that in the last year the Axial Age group did not complete, as I felt we were prepared and made a good start . Maybe we can imagine completing that project next year, after the holidays. Maybe we were premature? Just a thought…

It might be a good time to imagine a Cafe for reflecting a bit on where we have been and where we are going? We have a lot of great topics to select from.


No problem. I shall create a page in the course of today. Remember, CCafé pages are wikis, so everyone is free to contribute, correct, modify in case I miss anything. This is true in the case of references anyone thinks would be relevant, but particularly applicable to seed questions or agenda.