Soul Mission Part I and II

Soul Mission

The Lion’s Gate Portal ends today. Every year it goes through 7/28 - 8/12 and peaks on 8/8.

Today, I’m feeling more deeply attuned to my soul mission. My soul descended to planet Earth to help humanity re-think about what life is and reimagine a new culture and structure that enables all humans to feel happiness and multi dimensional abundance simultaneously. Basically we all fall deeper in love with life by looking at the same thing with higher energetics that allow us to see fresh ideas that transcend polarity.

What is your soul mission? I help people with this process of discovering their soul mission and how to enact it in the 3D. I call this Soul Mentoring. I work 1:1, with couples, and with groups. DM me if you want more information. I’m currently building a website about my brand and services that will go live in the Fall.

Soul Mission Part 2

Lion’s Gate Portal is closing and it gave me another gift.

The message I’m receiving is talk about divine marriages and trinity and organize your deep wisdom about human flourishing around that topic.

Three marriages

  1. What is your relationship with ultimate reality? How aligned is your deeply held assumptions about the nature of reality and how life actually works? I’m measuring success in life through a multi dimensional lens - abundance in the non violent variables that the person most values. I have a strong preference for continuous learning as part of everyone’s mental model. I humbly suggest nobody has it all figured out, but if we learn to work together harmonically I’m confident our species can learn to thrive for all of eternity.

  2. How aligned are your masculine and feminine parts? Most people think of themselves as one thing and they are right, but they also have a lot of aspects of themselves. I have found doing parts work to be a critical part of my own growth and development. I have learned from many experts on different ways to think about my parts and how to get them in alignment. I have found the more my parts are in alignment, the more effortless my life is.

  3. How aligned are you with your life partner? Everyone’s primary life partner is their life, however if they are in serious long term committed relationship(s) with other people then their life has steady characters that they are building their life with. These characters can include their spouse, children, business partners, close friends … Etc. People they are committed to long term. Do they have the communication tools, organizational skills, and emotional intelligence to navigate their landscape into it’s most optimal alignment even as their landscape is evolving?

I’m motivated by viewing people living inspiring lives with multi dimensional abundance. I love creating and creativity itself. I find the place between creativity and getting stuff done to be sexy. I guess that’s my “love making zone”! LOL. Practically it’s driven me to be really good at both divergence and convergence and the marriage between the two to create new babies. This deep desire has forced me to get really good at conflict resolution. I’m ready to give my gifts to the world at a much deeper level.

I’m having a vision that humans on Earth learn to resolve all their inner and outer conflicts and become really happy and productive and that leads to a new happy world and a new baby boom.

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