Let It Be So

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My 21 grams of Fleshy Soul :Having been on the planet for 64yrs & probably only somewhat maturing in conscious relationship to my own BodyMind Soul the last 21yrs,this is what I have experienced;I 've been abused,misused by both sexes,hell I’ve done the same to myself. Any of this can be configured along many combinations the Gender Binary or Non-Binary and there are different ratios this takes place in this world today & is not to be pushed aside for the sake of an UNWILLINGNESS to address the Suffering that Humans with Power or Powerlessness decide to do with the abuse or misuse of POWER(The Ability to Act).As usual for this very humble human,male,white skinned,bald,old fart,the conversation gets Hijacked by the details,not that details are not IMP!There’s needs to be a ability of Flex-Flow between the Act of Abuse/Misuse of Power & the Details.So this experience comes from being Parented(our first encounters with power),being in the Market Place,Dating ,& at 31 being gifted with a son & a daughter at 38 and feeling the weight of responsibility/power for their lives,growing up in a time when Gender roles we’re being put into question.I have come to take stock that Personal Power,Power of the World at Large & Spiritual Power Is about where do I put my ability to live a Life of Love,Kindness,Fierceness & Skillful Action…Oh One More an Ability to Laugh at all my Attempts.One Mad-Man’s Life


Mad Men are MY TYPE of MAN! And they can be found in the most inconspicuous of places. In addition to YOURSELF, Sir, I have encountered many Mad Men on IC. To name a few: JohnnyD-Jack-of-All-Shades, (Mad-Hatter Marco), (I’m Huggin’-Douggins), (Hefty-Thinkin’ Geoffrey),
(Edchronon - Goin’ on About…E-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g), and now,
(Michael_Stump - on which the Thinking Man Sits).

You guys are MAD! You have to be to envision and persevere on such a platform as THIS! This Cosmic Parthenon of Forms and floating Logos reaching out to grasp the minds of various thinkers and doers and guiding them to a place where they can unite and ignite some kind of revolution of thought and human consciousness! Who Does That? Mad Men, that’s who!

What’s next, you Psycho-Geniuses? A physical invitation to the regular IC “Dreamers” and participants - to migrate to one place and form a neo-community. Where our collective thoughts and ideas can be applied to an interactive culmination of our varied skills, talents, abilities, credentials, experiences, to develop a thriving physical community of Platonic Guardians, somewhere hidden in the mountains. Yet, subliminally affecting the most fundamental aspects of the culture via a tech-driven power source of influential communication - yet the source hidden among a little community of cultural navigators housed in the mountains.

I’m game! When do we start packing for this journey? We got to pull this energy out of the pixelated technological flatlands and into the third dimension. Let’s Go, Already! Geesh!


Kpr22o4,Thanks for your loving word magic.I only speak for myself,I am actually taking this stuff to the streets everyday in my circle of encounters with the Holy Spirit being the Field to Play in.This Platform is just another Dimension of the Field in my Experience-POV ,an Oasis, in Troubled Times,whatever these times are moving into,towards is beyond me,I am in a Feeling of Trust the Struggle even when I cast my Voice Out To a WTF,Breathe ,put my Hands on this small Heart & Relax.Like my GrandMa a Gardener taught me when helping her pull weeds; Small is Beautiful & A Weed is a Flower out place,OH! the Colors…Van Gogh whispers in the pulse of this weed out place,yet still a flower.Amen Michael


You move me! I feel like a weed on this planet. Never ever felt a sense of “belonging” here. In my heart, I know that I am a flower - I just gotta get outta here! We can pull each other out when we connect (like this) with each other. And whatever you do…DON’T LET GO! PULLLL…PUT YOUR SHOULDERS and BACK into it and by “taking this stuff to the streets everyday in my circle of encounters”

Perhaps, that is how friendships develop - by the persistent interaction of pulling each other out of our displaced weed state of isolation and connecting to others with a sense of belonging to discover a place where we can bloom.

I spent five years as a functional opioid addict. Ingesting weed killer into my soul to make me “feel” like a flower. Now, almost 2 years in very active recovery, detoxed and knocked into my senses, I desire to go back into the very garden that rejected me and pull out other weeds, using the suffering I endured to pull other addicts out into the place where they belong, which is “reality”.