Tales of a Venezuelan Expat: Dispatch #2 (Disorder and Progress)


Good to see another update from you, brother. Thanks for keeping the writing flame alive—and for the music. (What ever happened to that track you recorded?) Always good to hear from you. Keep on keeping on!

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@MC_DC thank you for this vulnerable telling of your unfolding (unraveling?) story. I feel the sense of fray, disorder, being tumbled about on tides of others’ priorities, others’ lives, others’ places and cultures, in this post.

I pray you’ll find sustainable digital nomad-able compatible work soon, so you can at least stabilize your finances. Furthermore, I pray that one day soon you will recover peace and stability in your physical life, inner and outer, wherever you land–especially if it’s “home.” Let the mind wander and the body rest, rest! Sending song and friendship…


Thanks Marco!

“Keep on keeping on” reminds me of this overlooked classic track → Sukia - Dirty Afro - YouTube

As for my track, the producer is still working on it. Or so he says, LOL.

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“Unraveling” sounds about right, LOL.

Thanks for the thoughtful comment and the beautiful wishes, Caroline.

And yes, I’m trying to open up and get more feelings into my writing with this series. I’m glad you got all that.

Cheers from Buenos Aires.

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