The World that is Ready to Be Born

The World that is Ready to Be Born

If Patriarchy is dying then what is next?


Hmmm, when I dance with swirling feminine energy that is within me, she cries I want to be held and lead. I don’t want to dominate the masculine and I certainly don’t want the masculine to dominate me. I want to dance, I want love, and play and do it safely.

My masculine pauses in contemplation. Yeah that feels right, I’m sick of fighting. I’m ready for something brand new. I don’t want to push you away and I don’t want to be smothered by you either. Can we just talk? I want multi-dimensional intimacy with you. I want to feel all of you and for you to feel all of me.

I’m ready to hit the synchronicity button.

I’m ready to merge with you.

I’m ready for the masculine and feminine energies within me and outside of me to be ONE. I’m ready for magical collaboration.

I’m boldly predicting the next dominant force on the planet will be power couples deeply in love with each other and life who really know how to get stuff done with each other and other people. It will be a cultural revolution of the highest order based on love, integrity, justice, human excellence, and abundance as far as the eye can see. There will be a huge baby boom, as humanity falls deeply in love with eternal life.

Who is ready to deeply love all the parts of life with me?