Truth ~ Kamasi Washington

When I try to communicate what ‘A Theory of Everybody’ is all about, it’s hard to say exactly what I mean. It is, however, something…not nothing. I think it might be something like this:


I’ll be re-watching and thinking about this one for a while. Right this minute I’m speechless, lost among wonder, beauty, peace, understanding without knowing… anything…
(But I’m no longer in the bills/reports due/schedule conflicts funk which started this evening, that’s for sure!)
Thanks, @madrush, for sharing.

A harmony of difference…
A theory of everybody…
A place… for stories… like the illustrated anthology of fairy tales and famous legends I carried everywhere when I was a little boy and life was a dimension of singular magic…
It is a wonderful and beautiful thing to be human but we must so often struggle for peace and grope in the dark for understanding once we “grow up”.
Perhaps (bleeding into feedback on Metapsychosis) that is part of what “this” is about? Creating a “book” for present and future children of consciousness, written in the searches of the Realist, the dreams of the Visionary, and the ponderings of the Critic? A new muthos of sympoietic community calling out and responding as in the most uplifting of music?

One song goes like this, I think: We have work to do individually and collectively in our challenging times. There is no real guarantee that things will ‘be ok in the end’ because this is no movie. But spread the word in whatever way you can: we sink or swim together


I love your reflections here, @patanswer. I do want this all to become something for the future…it is for children of consciousness, as well as for my real daughters, who might need to know someday what’s worth searching for, dreaming, and pondering…or at a least what their dad was babbling about all the time. :blush:

I’ve been listening to Washington’s 2015 solo debut, The Epic, which is, well…173 minutes. This is a prodigious talent who is among us right now in his prime. Pretty awesome.

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His documentary / live concert on YouTube from 2015 is intense. Move over, Snarky Puppy (and I love those cats…)!

He and band were at the Big Ears Festival in Knoxville, TN in 2016. I missed the show, and regretted it immensely after hearing the album.
I grew up in Knoxville and have used this festival to show off my hometown. Each year marks a new group of stellar jazz, electronic, folk, etc. intimate shows, art and movies. It’s a one-of -a-kind experience. This years lineup recently came out and already looking great. I always attend (a good excuse to ‘visit’ family and drop of the kid…though in the spirit of this thread, I plan to have the boy attend next year if age 4 isn’t too young). Send any recommendations from the list my way!
Big Ears 2018


I have been wondering if I could make it to the Big Ears festival since you mentioned it here, Doug, and I finally did the math today (combining ticket price, travel, etc.) to see if it might be possible—and well, given holiday expenses and financial constraints…lets just say it would take a miracle. But it looks like an amazing line-up and event. I hope you have a fantastic time.

I would especially love to see Anna Thorvaldsdottir; Bang on a Can; Godspeed You! Black Emperor; Medeski, Martin, & Wood; Anoushka Shankar…there would be so much to discover. And especially, this caught my eye: Alice Coltrane Turiyasagitananda: The Ashram Experience.

If only! (I will be praying for a miracle.) Give this a listen next time you’re in the mood: Listen: 'The Ecstatic Music of Alice Coltrane Turiyasangitananda' : NPR

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