[UPDATE] Infinite Conversations LIVE – 6/20: Albert Murray and the Blues Idiom, with Greg Thomas

Hi everyone,

Just a quick note that I’ll be speaking with Greg Thomas today about his essay recently published in Metapsychosis Journal, Reading Albert Murray in the Age of Trump.

The talk will start at 12 pm MDT (time zone conversion) and will be a 1-on-1 for the first 45 minutes or so—however, if you’re listening in and would like to participate, Greg will stick around to take questions for another 30 minutes and we’ll have the Zoom line open here: Launch Meeting - Zoom

You can also listen to the whole thing streaming live and post your questions by chat on our Mixlr page:

I’ll be on the line an hour early talking about Cosmos stuff and whatever else is on my mind, so please feel free to join in, especially if you have any questions, comments, or feedback.

I’ll be releasing the talk with Greg as a standalone podcast, too, if you’d like to hear it later.

The unedited recording from this conversation is now available:



[download mp3]

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An edited podcast from this talk is forthcoming…


Uplifting, inspiring conversation - to say the least. (And one can never go wrong with Clifford Brown… or Coltrane or Bird…)

“We’ve forgotten how to make a culture.”

Precisely why those who have NOT forgotten how to harmonize, synthesize, improvise at the break, and carry forward the music must keep playing - no matter the size of the “audience”.
I regret that I can only ‘like’ this jam session once. :grin: