V for Vinicio

Thank you to everyone in Cosmos who has offered me their kind thoughts, prayers, and gestures of support over the past few weeks since my father’s passing (on December 1st).

Before we move into a big new year, I want to share with you a glimpse into my father’s life and story, which I continue to realize has been so profoundly influential in my own.


My condolences on your loss. having been through it twice, I know there is never more to be said that matches up.


This is a beautifully written tribute to your father, @madrush , with the unsayable circulating throughout–in the background, as you say. It is part of the poetics of your memory of him, and I love that you shared your gift for writing to honor him at his funeral. The gaps in here also feel meaningful–the jumps. It says a lot without saying too much. Much love during this time of healing and grief.


Marco, Your dad would have loved to have read your eulogy of him. I think he would have whole hardheartedly agreed with how you told this story. His story. Your story. Their story. Our story.

I’m thinking he is wishing he would have known his son even better. Living this now…

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