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I stumbled on an open tab this morning, an author shared with me by @brian.george51. Though I was closing things out and getting ready to leave on a trip, a few words caught my eye and then I fell in, reading and re-reading. Very affecting, healing even, on this day.


Really liked this poem, putting it into practice at the moment, have chosen equalibrium.

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HI @madrush and @grannyjan,
I’ve recently written the following and some time decided to post it here because the plethora of diversity in this coop somewhat overwhelms me. I was invited to write with the voice of the Universe, but found that difficult as a voice outside myself. So it’s a mix.
Here’s the poem:

I am a Universe of being.
One song, one soul, one interconnected whole.
I live within my skin yet deep within
I sense the truth that bursts me out towards the edges of all our knowing.

I am a Universe of being,
stardust with the breath of life,
an earthling Star-enese.
I sense the truth that gathers our energies to the centre of all our knowing.

I am a Universe of being,
Truth unfolding, expressed in spiritual practice
that honours all that science reveals
and reaches into the inward deep-and-bottomless recesses of our unknowing.

© Di Shearer

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Thank you for this poem, Di, it has a deep resonance within me.
The last couple of months has been deeply challenging to me as I contemplate this next stage of my life.
I will take time to fully ingest your wisdom in these words and apply the teaching to my innermost depths.

Thanks @grannyjan. I see you are Tasmanian, and I a South Australian. I’d love to meet you in person.

Yes, I am now a Tasmanian although I have lived all over Australia, although not in South Australia.
To celebrate my 80th. Birthday last month I put myself into a retirement village in Hobart.
In some respects it fulfills a dream, I have always thought I was meant to be a contemplative nun.
So now, I am living the dream.
It would be great to meet up. I feel I have met you because I did watch all the episodes of the LitGeeks review of Jean Gebsers Ever Present Origin. Too out of my comfort zone to do more than lurk in the background.
Maybe we can compare notes in some way.

I will be visiting Tasmania next May for a conference in Launceston. I may also get to Hobart to visit friends, so I could call by for a ‘conversation’! Please let’s continue this conversation.

I would be so pleased if you could manage to meet in Hobart next May. Yes I am happy to continue the conversation. Have you signed up for the Omega Center newsletter? This latest one has stirred up an old passion as a result of the meditation by Bruce Sanguin Love in a Fractured World. It has thrown light on a difficult time I have been going through these last two months. I really am aware of the spiritual battle going on and was confused without understanding the lesson behind the suffering. The words that seared into me “The practice of the Advent season is to purge ourselves of everything in our lives that is not love, that is not freedom, that is not truth.” That is "an offering to evolution, in and toward the incarnation of the ‘Human One’ as reflected in this paper.

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NO, Jan, I don’t know the Omega Centre but managed to find it (though your link didn’t work). I’ve read Sanguin and interacted with him during his visit to Adelaide some years ago. I’ve also read Ilia Delio and attended a conference in Melbourne where she was speaking. I have written a Sanguin inspired prayer which I’ve since retitled to Sacred Unfolding, and had published in Marlene Marburg’s Dreams and Desires about to be launched in Melbourne. It goes:

Holy One

You are a God who gives yourself to us.
You are Word made flesh.
You are Spirit poured out.

We know you first through all that is created.
We know you also through the Man for Others.
We know you from the deepest places of our own being.

We look at the world today and we see you suffering.
We look at our community today and hear you pleading.
We look into ourselves and feel your presence.

We live in a post-holocaust world.
We live to open up hospitable spaces for radical exploring.
We live ready for creative emergence in who we are and how we live.

Show us today the alternative stories
where mutuality, equality and reciprocity abound.
Stories that honour memory and tradition yet transcend these.

We want to step into the slip-stream of blessed unrest.
We want to experience divine dissatisfaction.
We want to wake up and grow up.

The sacred unfolding of Spirit in space and time
… is your divine strategy for making a world,
for making a community, for bringing kinship and peace.

So let ‘balanced turbulence’ be our constant dwelling-place,
Not rushing ahead in chaotic mismanagement,
Nor pulling back in reluctant resistance.

May your energy re-vitalise us!
May your compassion re-energise us!
May your love surround and indwell us!

So that we may be the presence of the sacred story unfolding in space and time!
So that having squandered our inheritance …
… we may be the prodigal returning home to serve!
So that we may know we are kin to all that is!

May we be alive to new imaginings of your world!
May we be ready to make a creative difference!
In the name of the Cosmic Christ! Amen!
© Di Shearer, April 2011

Thank you for the beautiful poems/prayers, @DiShearer. It’s wonderful to hear that you and @grannyjan might be getting together in person. Please share a picture if you do!

These words especially spoke to me, and feel related to the conversation we had on “Chaos, Crisis, and Creativity” a few months ago. However, the poem as a whole evokes not only the Christian mystics, but also Rabindranath Tagore, Ramkrishna, and others. I could use some of this energy right now. Thank you for sharing!

Thanks, Marco. Sending you huge wishes for your energising. Is there a way for you to let @grannyjan know my email address or do I post it here? Please send it to her if you can. Now I’ll go check Chaos,Crisis and Creativity.

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Hi @DiShearer, here’s how you can send @grannyjan a private message, to exchange contact info:

Incredible. It sent me on a few trips.