When One Metaphor Isn't Enough -The Lives of Metaphorical Fluid People


(Edward Berge) #21

Yes, I also have an extensive phenomenological practice. One can walk theory and chew the gum of experience at the same time.

(Maia ) #22

No dichotomies anywhere!

(john davis) #23

FB is a different kind of social media culture than has been nurtured here. It’s a very different style. I haven’t posted anything on FB in a couple of years. Kind of jarring.

(LaughingCryingDancing) #24

(Maia ) #25

Indeed. I love Cosmos Coop precisely because it’s so much UNlike FB and all its clones, almost an opposite kind of “place” and philosophical atmosphere.

(john davis) #26

I agree and I really like that about Cosmos. We run parallel to FB. As we move into another phase, which will probably include a mass extinction, it’s nice to know that we have co-created an island of sanity in the vast nihilism of social media. Liminal gestures are welcomed here. We encourage each other to share our communiques from the field, and give this intimate mystery, a size and a shape. We listen to each other carefully, like good musicians, who love the music within, rather than generate competitive, shrill, sharp, feelings, as they do on FB.

(LaughingCryingDancing) #27

Let’s take a walk on the Wildness/Ecological Openness Path of the Awe of Being Alive & the Gift of Friends,Lovers & Strangers!

(Maia ) #28

A beautiful reply, thank you!