Why the left should be asking for more

Keeping the Devil at Bay

An excellent essay in Guernica mag by P.J. Podesta.

Key quote:

There is a way out of the neoliberal continuity from Ronald Reagan to now. It’s not in Bernie Sanders himself. Regardless of whether he somehow takes the presidency, the way out—the only one—is in opening the book of recent history, in accepting that we ourselves have been complicit in ongoing wealth concentration, global war, and rising sea. We’ve let it happen, by our reliance on the lesser evil in the name of pragmatism. Fear of Trump—that he will put all non-whites in prison camps and blow up everything beyond his Great Wall—makes for a convenient argument that we should look no further, that we should envision nothing beyond the politics we’ve known, that we should support the long-established candidates who have sold off the public sector and sold out the people bit by bit, all while promising they’re fighting for us.

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