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@care_save and I are putting together a series of conversations to be called Transmuting the Trumpocalypse: Reclaiming Power in a Memetic Warzone, which will use as its starting point an essay series she has written (and we are currently editing for publication in Metapsychosis) called “Liberating Trump, Liberating All.”

The plan is to release these essays in three “tranches,” corresponding to three live conversations, which she will host and I will co-facilitate. We will record and broadcast these, invite fellow humans (and one or two bots) to participate, and try to set the stage for a generative dialogue that can lead to mutually desired outcomes.

I am open to continuing the conversations past the first three sessions, bringing in additional voices, until we’ve exhausted the subject. To this end, I invite contributions of essays, songs, poems, podcasts, ritual acts (such as exorcisms or auric cleansing), integral action plans, or any other manner of clearing our minds, hearts, souls, bodies, social spaces, intimate spheres—the whole cosmic confectionary of recursive donuts of transembodied consciousness we are—of this peculiar political poison.

What’s post post-truth? How can we evolve, really? What appears through the looking glass of our ubiquitous screens? What could we add to the meta-conversation?

Here’s a review of some recent writing on this topic:

It might be interesting to revisit our Thoughts on the Election thread for inspiration.

I wonder what remains relevant—what still needs to be thought through or metabolized—to manifest creatively, affect the field, and go on with our lives?


Worth checking out and maybe interviewing Skella, Jacoby or Hames from Centre for the Future. Although, not that I have the time to do it :frowning:

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