Big Philosophy for Little Kids

from Frank Marerro via my inbox:

I am a retired teacher of 35 years and author of several books (see Amazon/author/FrankMarrero). I’ve got some gifts to pass on!!

For a quarter century, I developed a standards-based writing curriculum for the grades 4-6 (adaptable to 2-8) that incorporates affective education into the substance of writing. It has been used in several school districts and private schools. It’s highly praised by scholars, teachers, parents and kids.

It’s FREE. It’s called: Big Philosophy for Little Kids and I want to share it with you. It is an entire year of writing I know the stresses teachers have so USE FREELY! Distribute Freely. No strings attached. Perfect for home schooling. Inspirational.
Big Philosophy for Little Kids

Big Philosophy for Little Kids has a companion volume of stories from around the world that accentuate the themes of character with each culture’s distinct flavor:

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