– The Digital Co-Governance Web [CCafe 8/7]


(Geoffrey Edwards) #21

I have gotten bogged down in the programming for holochain, which I consider to be a necessary and likely useful step to understanding holochain and CoGov. My problem is that I am so busy with other priorities that the programming has fallen to the bottom of the heap - I had time to work on this over the summer, but in the fall session I am too busy with teaching to make any progress. After the New Year, I hope to have more time…

(Adam Waterhouse) #22

Thanks so much Marco! You and Caroline have done a great job of making me feel super-welcome from the get-go! I will aim to complete my profile over the weekend and start digging into to some of the material on the website. I would most definitely like to connect more deeply with yourself Caroline and everyone else, but I’ll start by taking a month of so to start to get to gain some familiarity with the terminology, concepts, etc. :slight_smile:

(Geoffrey Edwards) #23

It’s great to have you on board, @AdamNextGen. We have such plans and we need people like you to help us move forward on them!

(Adam Waterhouse) #24

Thank you so much Geoffrey. It is a real joy to be able to connect with like minded people with the openness of mind and openness of heart to think and dream big… Something extraordinary is happening and this is an amazing time to be alive and awake to what is unfolding…