Cosmos Café [2/5] - TANSTAAFL or There Ain't No Such Thing As A Free Lunch

(T J Williams) #41

I certainly can’t argue with that while using public facilities in this country today. :wink:

This is the thing to remember. Whatever happens, it is good to know that those who will be inheriting the political and ecological mess we’ve made will be calling the shots in the decades to come. My sons and their friends are among those who don’t always let on that they are watching, but they are watching. The oldest refers to most political speeches now as “filler”. (LOL) [I referred to his preference for the direct in my chess essay.] He is the keenest of us all on recycling.

Good counter-observation to my ‘celebrity of the month’ fear! Of course time will tell - but if she knows her real audience is not the old guards of today then hers is a pretty far-sighted “cluelessness”…

(john davis) #42

Oh I dont think she is clueless at all but the Oligarchs are a dud. What I like about her is that she has a vision. She is looking towards her unborn children’s future and she isn’t faking it. You can tell she means what she says. That is not what I get from any of the cynical villains on the stage with her. That your children are watching is a good sign. My age group was formed by Vietnam and Nixon. Every generation gets a big mess to take care of. We muddle on through the best way we can. That your kids are watching and paying attention, I am sure, has something to do with their Dad.

(T J Williams) #43

One of my earliest school memories (2nd grade?) was a big hallway poster that said “PEACE” celebrating the end of the Vietnam War. Nixon’s name came up a lot in the adult conversations around me, but of course they went over my head. My little bubble of toys and books was fairly quiet; the Iran hostage crisis was the biggest “event” I can think of, and that wasn’t exactly an age-group forming thing (as traumatic an ordeal as it must have been for the victims). I often wonder if my proclivity for the taciturn stems from having missed the Summer of Love and maturing before 9/11.
IIRC, there is a Chinese curse: “May you live in interesting times.” The times are interesting again, that’s for sure. Perhaps it is just as well that each generation gets fresh eyes for old problems never before experienced.

(john davis) #44

I agree. We each of us are brought into a world of wonder and weirdness. I wish life would get easier but in my experience that has not been the case. As I get older I find myself ever more entangled in events that seemed remote to me when I was young. And each generation has a style and a flare for picking up where the previous generation left off.

May every child and adult have a little bubble of toys and books!