Cosmos Café: Archetypal Cosmology - [9/11/18]



For this Cafe, we’ll be discussing an excerpt from Cosmos & Psyche by Richard Tarnas, a book that provides the framework for archetypal cosmology. Archetypal Cosmology is a philosophical perspective that seeks to understand the correlations between the movement of the planets and the archetypal patterns of human experience using astrology, psychology, biology, mythology, history and more. Implicit in this perspective is the importance of recognizing the prevailing myths of our culture and how they have contributed to some of the challenges of our times so that we can more effectively create ways to navigate our current planetary rite of passage and paradigm shift.


Required Reading:

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Context and Backstory

Looking forward to the discussion…


Ah, this is coming up next. Great topic. Thank you, Amanda. I think we will have a fun discussion…

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I’m looking forward to it! Thanks for the invite!


Hey, all! I’ve had a sickness the past few days and thought yesterday that it was getting better. I was wrong! So this has been rescheduled for 9/11 – deep apologies for the last minute notice.

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I’ll hop on the Zoom line in case anyone misses the message, but otherwise…we will meet next week [8/21] for Quantum Poetics w/ @Geoffreyjen_Edwards and @hfester. I hope you feel better soon, @Amanda!

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Get well quickly … have noted the reschedule.

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Got the message! I hope that you will feel better soon.
May I get an invite to “Quantum Poetics”?

Indeed. Same time, same link, next Tuesday. There will be a dedicated forum topic for it created soon.

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Thank you! Looking forward to it!


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Is the 09.11.2018 “Archetypal Cosmology” Zoom-cast event scheduled for 12:00 p. m. Eastern Time? Above the scheduled time of 12:00 p. m. applies to Mountain Time. The Eastern Time Zone schedule is not posted.

Disregard my query, as I will not be available to participate due to my work schedule on that date.

Sounds fascinating - perfect timing - 9/11.

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12 pm MOUNTAIN time / 2 pm Eastern

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" To make sense of the occult tarot, we must understand that it’s claims to antiquity, like it’s actual historical origins, is irrelevant. Tarot reading represents an abstract mode of symbolic thinking, founded on an arbitrary cluster of signs. To read this mode of divination, we must compare tarot to an equally abstract and combinatorial semiotics."-Christopher Lehrich, The Occult Mind

I would add to the above comment that abstract modes of symbolic thinking have very powerful, REAL affects/effects in our diverse social worlds. But how can they be measured?

What could be said for tarot, could also be said about the evolutionary Astrology that Amanda presented to us today. Visionary and Weird Studies are reinventing and recreating the Occult arts.

A great cafe and thanks for the opportunity to start to build some bridges between different kinds of truths.

And let us always remember the deep truths revealed as the elephant slides down the hill…


During our talk, I mentioned another thread where we were discussing the concept of objective reality. In fact, I was misrepresenting that thread because the actual term used there was ‘objective value’—which, even though that’s just a way of saying “a value which is objectively real” and is thus related, it is not exactly what we were talking about in the Café. Here is where that reference came from:

The Life Divine – Reading Group, Session #8 (Beginning Book Two) [7/26] - #22 by fmdolan

Interestingly, however, in the Life Divine chapter I read tonight, I found is a line which reflects more closely what we discussed regarding projections and the ‘objective correlative’ of a living cosmos.

It is true that there is no such thing as an objective reality independent of consciousness; but at the same time there is a truth in objectivity and it is this, that the reality of things resides in something that is within them and is independent of the interpretation our mind gives to them and of the structures it builds upon its observation. These structures constitute the minds’s subjective image or figure of the universe, but the universe and its objects are not a mere image or figure. They are in essence creations of consciousness, but of a consciousness that is one with being, whose substance is the substance of Being and whose creations too are of that substance, therefore real. In this view the world cannot be a purely subjective creation of Consciousness; the subjective and the objective truth of things are both real, they are two sides of the same Reality. —The Life Divine, Part Two, Chapter XV, paragraph 14


So, I’ve watched the recording twice, & each time I gain more insight into the subject. In other words, my “ways of knowing” keeps expanding ( a good thing?) An off-the-top-my-head list of ways of knowing: 1) parents, 2) religion, 3) birth order, 4) birthdate, 5) planet alignment, 6) past lives, 7) gender, 8) sexual orientation, 9) race, 10) ethnicity, 11) culture, 12) country, 13) geography, 14) education, 15) urban, 16) rural, 17) nomadic, 18) body type, 19) diet, 20) personality.
How does one possibly make sense of one’s self/life? Much less anyone’s else’s? Much less the universe’s? Just asking.



And also - each of those categories has multiple tentacles. So, can we agree to an environment of congeniality? Here in the cafe?

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Mark,I am curious about your remark about congeniality,I’ve watched several Cafe’ s with U as a participant,& wondering how your using the word\concept congeniality,I have not picked that up in the Cafe’s.I definitely have felt a edge in these conversations.So I am interested in listening to your affective sense of the conversation.I’ll be sitting on the beach waiting for your reply😁


Back up to Cafe “the secret language of birthdays” & now, incorporate the planets … the essence of which is: We as a species & as an individual are SO complex - it can’t be anything but an accident … or something else? I just got off the phone with my son, who is in the UK, on an improv tour … none of which makes sense, except in some context that is unknowable, other than I wouldn’t give a hoot about him, or what he’s doing, other than - HE is my son, and I want him to be happy, succeed, and enjoy life - such as it is.
What do the planets have to do with any of this? His birthday? My birthday? His mother’s?
I’m just so fucking happy he “picked up” my call, and the conversation was joyful.