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Beautiful, Doug, thank you.

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That Stevens reading was absolutely wonderful! I closed my eyes and got the chills and felt happy and at peace. Thank you so much, Doug.


@Douggins I was more than startled and quickly more than tickled to hear you open this video by reading my own sacred-poetic prose from my blog… :open_mouth: :blush: and you read it so so beautifully. Thank you for that.

And thank you for everything in this video and this post. You consistently bring, and offer, so much to this community, I’m moved by your deep intentionality and your pervading sense of soul. I especially love the conscious efforts you make, which this series seems to be an example of, to better integrate and facilitate the people and ideas, bopping around here like the bits of an excited atom, into a conversational “stream” that is more easily drank from. :potable_water:

:pray: major gratitude.

I’d like to offer a clarification about the nature of the Key Docs. I dislike when they are implied to be a kind of “canon,” because they aren’t exactly that, nor could they be yet.

The source of the Key Docs’ content is: mostly generated by Marco and I in conversations focused about the structure, shape, behaviors, etc. of the Cosmos organization and platform (product) over the first 2 years of my involvement in this project (first 2 of 3 currently) initially as a cooperative business development consultant. Other content I alone generated in the creative writing process (you can tell cuz I’ve got some consistent themes and styles in my (unedited) writing… :wink: )… other bits here and there were stitched in from the emergent community conversations. But mostly it is a product of me (Caroline) using lots of Marco’s original ideas from even prior to when I met him, that got blended with my own.

The Key Docs are currently intended as an initial creative sketching, the beginnings of a blueprint, for what Cosmos could become and does contain. At the time they were released (in bursts over months, ultimately totaling ~70 docs and 70K words), there was an effort made to engage community members to read, comment and in a sense “validate” (give feedback, affirm or improve/critique, “branch” with alternate ideas and proposals, etc.) the contents–and a tiny group of folks especially @DurwinFoster and @Douggins made some thoughtful contributions then. Although of course the Key Docs would be an outcome of my/Marco’s “best thinking”/best offering, I want to emphasize again: there are major needs to test and validate, even in basic ways, the proposals of structure and method for Cosmos. The people qualified to do so are our members, our stakeholders, our people. I want to encourage us to think of the Key Docs as kind of “the proposal/roadmap… until I [the member] get more involved.” It’s where we’ll be going, in terms of platform development, and features, business planning, partnerships, fundraising, etc… unless and until a member meaningfully intervenes with the path or gets involved as a co-creator of said path.

Does that make sense? I hope that is clear. As a community, we are strong in surfacing profound new meanings through our creative and communal comings-togethers. My dream is that the Key Docs eventually become the “codex” (or canonical “code”) of the Cosmos platform/community/organization THROUGH a communal conversational and experimental validation process… that we’d leverage our talents and capacities for dialogue into producing a living text, dynamically enacted and revised, by those who engage with it. Take any resonances you want from that… that’s a literal (as literal as a dream can be) explanation of my dream for our future codex! :yellow_heart: :comet: :milky_way: :writing_hand: :spiral_notepad: :notebook_with_decorative_cover: :handshake: :art: