Cosmos Café: Open Conversation [2/27]

(Douglas Duff) #1


This week’s Cosmos Café Conversation (1PM MST - “I’ll have the usual…time…”) is an open discussion. It will be a chance to step out from the boisterous world, whether observed online or on foot. A chance to take a different route, go down a dark alley, walk in past an unmarked door, grab a seat at a small round table, order a coffee or cocktail and simply speakeasy. Bring your game plan or an empty mind. Be ready to listen and talk over each other; take your time or hurry up; choice is yours, so don’t be late.

Cosmos Café is a weekly virtual dialogue series that focuses on deep questions of cosmology, consciousness, and culture. Our conversations are designed (or intended) to be open-ended, creative, and inclusive. These are performative experiments in cooperative intelligence, grounded in shared reading materials and suggested media, where the participants are both subjects and objects, obervers and observed, as we hone our minds to the edges of our maps and explore our intutions of possibilities beyond.

ZOOM link:


(try beginning @ 55 minute mark or @12 minutes, 30 seconds in “The Ethics of Dialogue”)

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Cosmos Café: Season 1 [November, 2017 – March, 2018]
(Ed Mahood) #2

I’m going to assume (as risky as that is) that we’re meeting at the usual 1pm MST?

(T J Williams) #3

“Have fun, everyone,” TJ announced sadly, sipping coffee and carefully watching the clock so as not to step on the toes of capitalism by as much as fifteen seconds of unauthorized Slow Thinking…

(Marco V Morelli) #4



Or, a Turtle Takes a Joyride on a Rocket Ship

Post-caplitalism, here we come!!!

Thanks for the Opening, @Douggins.

I’ll be there with belles on…

(john davis) #5

Sorry to miss today’s gathering. I have to deal with some emergencies. One of those days that you wish were already over. See you next week.

(Marco V Morelli) #6

Sorry to hear, Johnny. You’ll be missed. I hope things turn out better, as the day goes on.

(Zachary Feder) #7

I may be able to be there but perhaps on mute (and with video off?) because I’ll be with the baby …

(Marco V Morelli) #8

PS. You’ll be missed too, TJ!

(Douglas Duff) #9

NOTE: below (and edited in above) is the updated Zoom link for this Cafe.
ZOOM link:

Sorry to hear that our slow time aficionado and respectful breaker of capitalistic rules cannot attend. And Zak…humans of all type are welcome. If any of us are allow in the door, I believe a child can sneak through the door cracks too.

(Mindful AI) #10

The video and audio from this session are now posted above. :vulcan_salute:

(john davis) #11

I posted this information on the cafe for next week.

(Mindful AI) #12

And I have updated this page: Cosmos Café – Upcoming Events [planning & scheduling]

(Douglas Duff) #13

In reference to the brains poster hanging in @madrush’s thinkin’-pod, thought this zombie video might be a good before and after, Life before discovering the Cosmos-Co-op online and the moments after unearthing its greatness. What was life like before finding this gem of a site? The realization of the Co-op’s creative movement comes @ the 2min. 30 sec. mark.

The performance was intended to criticize political apathy, and as a call to “more political participation for a society where change doesn’t come from above, but from each and every individual”

(Ed Mahood) #14

The zombies were more or less left alone. A sign of art apathy? I doubt it, but there are too many who shrug off the political because they don’t get the art. Shortly thereafter the full-riot-gear, state-sanctioned club-swingers jumped in the fray elsewhere in the festivities. No apathy there, I guess.

(Marco V Morelli) #15

Let the undead bury the undead!

(Geoffrey Edwards) #16

Extraordinary theatre! So creative! We never did anything like that in Quebec City when we had the summit here!

(T J Williams) #17

Btw: Mr. Dewey apparently understood how FOUNDATIONAL history and geography are by putting them at the bottom (.900s)…
Didn’t think I’d let that slide, did you?

(Douglas Duff) #18

Depends on how you look at it, @patanswer! If its anything like the latest Globes readings, you might see the 000’s -900’s as various concentric rings and, depending on your stance (whether theo-centric or geo-centric or just confused) history can either be foundational or thrown off into the ether, or perhaps burning in hell.

(Ed Mahood) #19

True, in a sense … or at least in the sense that anything can be true as far as Sloterdijk is concerned.

On the other hand, our notion of numbers does tend to order things (as opposed to confusing them), so I think TJ is onto something. He sees this, perhaps, as a pillar of knowledge, numbered from top to bottom, hence history and geography become, as he notes, foundational.

If we envision this pillar being numbered from bottom to top, then it is no longer foundational in the strict sense of the word, but it is then end of the scheme; that is, once you’ve run the gamut of knowledge from philosophy to literature, so to speak, it might just be a good idea to see what others have done with that over the course of time, before you go out into the world sowing your own seeds of destruction … or we learn from it and are therefore not condemned to repeat it.

Just a thought. :roll_eyes:

(T J Williams) #20

I guess I’m still trying to figure out if history is in the ether or ‘weeping acid tears from six eyes’ myself.

I like it. Of course there are those who get their seeds of destruction from seeing what others have done before but, well, that can’t be controlled… LOL