Cosmos Café: Season 1 [November, 2017 – March, 2018]

Cosmos Café is a weekly virtual dialogue series that focuses on deep questions of cosmology, consciousness, and culture. Our conversations are designed (or intended) to be open-ended, creative, and inclusive. These are performative experiments in cooperative intelligence, grounded in shared reading materials and suggested media, where the participants are both subjects and objects, obervers and observed, as we hone our minds to the edges of our maps and explore our intutions of possibilities beyond.

Each session is recorded (audio and video) and posted here on the forum for ongoing discussion, and can also be accessed via our global podcast feed and the archive page on (both forthcoming).

**We meet each Tuesday via ZOOM video conference at 1 p.m.12 pm Mountain Time (Denver, USA) [convert time zone]—unless otherwise indicated. ZOOM link:

Talks are open to all Cosmos members. To participate, please first introduce yourself on any topic in the #commons:cafe channel. Use this thread to suggest new topics and help plan future sessions.

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Suggested Topics (Reading & Research)

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I think the #commons:cafe http://c/commons/cafe/52 link says:
This site can’t be reached

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If all of you are in agreement and no one else has anything planned, I could do my spiel on Tuesday.

I’m not pushing myself to the front of the line, but if it saves someone else a lot of prep, I’d be more than happy to kick off the year.

In agreement on this side of the world. Expecting to learn more than a few
letters from our Mr. Knowledge. Any prep-resources would be appreciated.

Thanks for catching that, George. It should be fixed now. This link should go to the Cosmos Café sub-channel under Infinite Commons.

That works for me! Would you like to create a topic for it, with any overview or prep-sources you may have? If you paste in the link to the new topic next the the bullet point for the date, the system will automatically pull in the title.

OK, I think I figured out how to do it … if there’s anything missing, let me know or point me in the direction of including it.

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@johnnydavis54, when we met up in New York, you mentioned a writer you had met at the Gebser conference, who you thought to invite to a future cafe. Shall we include her name here and relevant links?

I’ve tried to save the edit to Cosmos Cafe events but it won’t let me and I
cant get access to the page at all. Are you able to send out a link to the

There was an error on my part. You should able to edit the post now, or post the info as a reply.

The ZOOM link is here:

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for those who like to hear the voice, I post Alexander Scourby’s reading of Genesis.

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@madrush: Again, my technical incompetence shines forth …

I don’t know how to “move” (or at least reposition or even copy) this to the Reading section of our session page for this evening. I think it belongs there.

Thanks, @johnnydavis54. Very sonorous reading.

You are making me feel competent with tech stuff! I think I just did what you wanted to do…move the Genesis reading to the Reading section for 1/9 Cafe page?

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Heh, heh, heh … you are, and will certainly remain, miles ahead of me on this tech stuff, young man.

Now, I do get the linking stuff, but I would have loved to have added that nice little YouTube window that John provided here over there on the other page. It’s not only an eye-catcher, it plays in place (doesn’t open a new tab). (Is this done by using the “upload” function in the menu instead of the linking one? Ah, there’s so much I need to learn and probably won’t.)

But, nevertheless, thanks!

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You basically typed out the instructions right there!

I updated to have the embedded video (probably should have let you practice!). I copy the link above (left click on “The Book of Genesis - Alexander…” then “copy link address”) -->go to the 1/9 Cafe page —>click edit —>and yes, click “upload” --> “from the web” --> paste link.

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Editorial note: “probably should have made you practice!” :grinning:

It looks like I’m intuiting just enough to get me into real trouble … which is, in short, the story of my life.

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Thanks for your help, @Douggins. One slight emendation to your recipe. You actually don’t need to “upload”–>“from the web.” To embed a video, you only need to paste the YouTube link (this is the important part) on its own line; though the upload option obviously works as well.

Pasting in a website link on its own line will also (though not always, depending on the site) generate a preview box.


5 posts were split to a new topic: On the Human Species Ultimate Potential

I just spoke with @care_save and she will be joining us tomorrow (1/16) to lead this topic:

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Added Huxley’s The Island to the list. Many Eastern themes and may be a relevant fictional read in tandem with Aurobindo’s stuff. Subtracted Tillich.

Unable to attend next week’s Cafe, 2/6.