Earth Day At Fifty!

This is a Re-membering from My Past , the Living Present & the Future,
What is the Size & Shape of Fifty Years NOW?

Something to consider when Social Distancing:


Thanks for sharing! I believe Earth Day is a holiday that the next civilization should carry on. Another one I’d like to keep is Bicycle Day:

Hope you’re having a good one. Turn on, tune in, and keep pedaling!


Last night I watched this conversation between Lynne & Bill Twist of The Pachamama Alliance and Dr Zach Bush called Resilience and Possibility.

It was a remarkable experience to be in the energy that was created on the call and I wanted to share it with you and, and if you feel about it the way I did, ask you will share it with your networks.

It gave the clearest view I have had so far on how the virus functions, how the pandemic is signaling the ‘collapse of the Empire’, and highlights the consequences of the desperate struggle to maintain the Empire.

He had an optimism and clarity on what is needed - he spoke of his hope for global ‘Grass Roots movements’ that heralds new socio/political/economic endeavors. This is where we belong.

I would love your feedback - was it as impactful for you as it was for me? What does this community see as how to seek out and support their Grassroots community.

bye for now