Transmuting the Trumpocalypse – Session 1: Life Power

Recorded: October 26, 2017


This is the first of three live conversations exploring Life Power, Meme Power, and Collective Realization in the wake of Trump’s rise.


Caroline Savery
Marco V Morelli


Asia Dorsey
Kritee Kanko
Eutimia Cruz Montoya
Stephan Polka

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Thanks, ladies (and you guys) for an unexpected but uplifting little chat.

Being something of the “resident curmudgeon” of sorts, I don’t often have very high expectations of such events, but there was enough substance here to sit up and take notice of.

My take-aways:

  • Life is live. It has no need of power. Life is real-time potential for the possibility of all possibilities, not a tool for insecure.

  • Power is important for those not in touch with Life. It is what those feel who have lost their vital connection to Life.

  • The exhilaration we get from Life is not just a cognitive-affective kick, it has a definite – essential? – bodily component to it. We must act and engage – physically, bodily, emotionally … well, totally – in the world if we are going to make a difference.

  • The Spiritual – or, non-physical but more than emotional-intellectual, if you will – is a, if not the driving force. It’s time we all just accepted that.

  • We have much to learn, but we are also suffering from a dramatic shortage of teachers. It’s time for the reticent and reluctant to step forth.

  • Most welcome was the consistent and encompassing plea for local, community-based, here-and-now action: get together, act together, eat together, don’t just talk with each other. (Or, as I like to phrase it: you are where you are whenever you are, and that’s where you are needed most.)

  • There are a gazillion, if not infinite, paths to wherever it is we need to be going. There are even more ways to talk about it. We’d probably do well to listen more to what others are saying to us than paying attention to which words they happen to be using.

There was more, that’s for sure, but that’s the short list from an hour or so well spent.