Maternal Spaces, Body is Your Brain, Head is a POV


NeuroFly What is a Thought without a Body or a Body without Thought sense making? A Koan I keep Sitting & Walking with at 65,no answers just more Sense of Humor with the Real…Any Intelligent Feelings(…)Thoughts about the Liminal Space?


Water Aliveness:“The same stream of life that runs through my veins night & day,Runs through the world & dances in rhythmic measures” Rabindramath Tagoreconnect_with_natureFEEL the Unseen-SEE the Field(Feel),our senses (which includes Thought as a Sense)are Portals into the Unknown without Fear of the Known!



Novalis"The Seat of the Soul is There Where the Inner & Outer Worlds Meet"… The Meeting is the In-Between; the Tri-Unfolding of Living an ART-Full Moment In Cosmic Time? The Line of Time Surrounded by Timeless-Times?(Art by Juan Gatti)

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