Multidimensionality and Aperspectivity in Quantum and Field Poetics (a preview & rehearsal) [CCafe 10/9]


Ars Electronica, Quantum Fluctuations / Markos Kay (CY/UK) (via Flickr, CC BY-NC-ND)

In the Writers Underground @Geoffrey_Edwards and @hfester began collaborating on the concepts and practices of Quantum & Field poetics, which they presented in a previous Café: Quantum Field Poetics (CCafe 8/21)

This experiment morphed into a presentation to be given, in collaboration with @madrush, at the 2018 Jean Gebser Society Conference in Boulder, CO (Oct. 12-14). During this Café we will present the material we’ve been working on for the conference, inviting our fellow @ccafe participants to join us in activating an integral poetic field.

Geoffrey, Heather, and I will present for the first hour, then open up the space for your own ‘manifestations of the aperspectival’ (or other spontaneous responses). Prior familiarity with Jean Gebser’s ideas is not required to join this Café, but consider perusing the suggested resources below ahead of the event, if you would like a primer.

Panel Description (from the conference program)

Although often applied to the problem of understanding 20th or 21st century literature, the term “quantum poetics” can be equally applied to the writer’s craft. It can be viewed, in general terms, as referring to the notion that text activates a broad poetic field of meaning and resonance, itself grounded in day-to-day experience. Furthermore, attending to both the text itself and its associated field can be productive. We identify three aspects of experience that form the poetic field: the embodied or felt, the spiritual, and the ineffable or incommunicable. Furthermore, this dual attention to field and text is fundamentally aperspectival, and can be related to integral structure as described by Gebser as well as his own interest in grounding historical analysis in etymological and linguistic considerations. Following the individual presentations (see list below), the panel will engage the audience in an exploration of relationships between text and field.


  • Geoffrey Edwards
  • Heather Fester
  • Marco V Morelli


  • Ed Mahood
  • John Davis
  • Mark Jabbour

Reading / Watching / Listening

Context, Backstory, and Related topics

Agenda items

  • Please give us your feedback on our presentation at the end of or after the Café. The first 1hr 45 minutes will dedicated to the event itself.

Oh, I’ll be there - if only to shake my head, smile, & so on.


Hi, @johnnydavis54, appreciated your feedback and resonating on the call today very much. Thanks for spending time with us and our works in progress.

Your practice with resonant sound reminded me of a few things, but one of them was Pauline Oliveros’s Deep Listening practice. I thought I had a .pdf of her book of practices (which is a wonderful book), but I seem to only be able to find links to articles and reviews.

Here is an album of ambient music that she and her group recorded in a cistern underground. Stirring stuff for those among us who like to “listen.”

Also, I mentioned Chris Dierkes’s paper from ITC 2015 (Dierkes Chris Final Paper.pdf (361.8 KB)). Great exploration of Centaur & Gebser. And, this is the foundation for healing work that he does. I worked with him for about a year after seeing him share this at this conference, which makes the all the more meaningful.

One possible typo in your poem, @madrush–did you mean “alter” or “altar”?


From Chris paper-
“When simplistic progressive, unilinear depictions of integral enter the public sphere, there’s a strong tendency to interpret the enduring truth of modernism as capitalism and then to treat the enduring value of postmodernism as cultural values like support for gay and lesbian marriage equality, ecological sensitivity, women’s rights, and so on. Integral (or postpostmodernism) then becomes the dialectical synthesis of capitalism with such postmodern values (Dierkes, 2012). Meanwhile whether capitalism itself, particularly in its current neoliberal formation, is itself a healthy expression is never particularly questioned. As a result, huge swaths of time and energy are spent on the failures of the so-called mean green meme (unhealthy postmodernism) and yet very little, if any, time and energy is spent on the mean orange meme (unhealthy modernism), a far more destructive reality. The lower-right aspect of neoliberal capitalism itself and its correlate Lower Left cultural worldview (e.g. libertarian free market philosophy) is not sufficiently critiqued.”

These comments resonate with much of my experience in Wilber world. Also, as Wilber himself confessed, there were no applications for this elaborate theory. That seems to me to be much like an ideology, a map without a territory.

I imagine that Cosmos has learned a lot from those cognocentric Wilberian controversies We are adding Gebser and Sri Aurobindo voices to the mix, as we re-educate ourselves. I was amazed how few Wiblerians had actually read Gebser. And we are doing our best to speak from the Aperspectival, rather than about it. These are the effects of some of the differences that are emerging from the Field. Thanks again for the excellent presentations.


Hi @Geoffrey_Edwards, one thought I had about how we might ‘set the intention’ for the panel: Is there a prayer from The Ido Chronicles— something like the Prayer of Contrition you shared early in our Revelations writers group—which we might use, and you might recite or lead us through, to strike a resonating tone in the field at the beginning of the session?


An insight that occurred to me in connection to the Integral Theory world and ‘we space’ practices:

The ‘field’ of aperspectivity is not a ‘we space,’ or rather may include any number of perspectival spaces—we-space, I-space, you-space, he/she/they-space, etc. —but is not itself bound to any spatial perspective.

There could be field-awareness, field-feeling, field-energies, and field-movement—even field cognition—but these are subliminal and/or transcendent to any particular I, we, you, or it (i.e., perspective) which may arise.

I think this may be an important distinction to make because the field, to remain fluid and alive, should not be collapsed to a group identity. A sense of ‘we’ may lead us into a field experience, but there are also layers of that experience, which we may tune into, which are both pre- or non-perspectival as well as trans- or a-perspectival, in the sense Gebser uses that term.

Just a thought I had this morning! Not sure if this would be worth bringing up on Sunday, maybe during my opening remarks. Make sense?


Yes, but isn’t Chris wonderful?! :slight_smile:


Also, there’s a FB event page and a GEBSERCON page on the Gebser channel where we’ll post updates for the livestreaming and such. Do you need any of that info, @johnnydavis54, to tune in? Or, do you have it already?

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Will this do?

Prayer of Resonance

¨We open ourselves to be present for the universally diaphanous awareness that pervades all of space-time in its infinite possibilities. Whether we arrive at this awareness by settling down within our individual mind-body unity, or by reawakening the self within the divine, let us be attentive to the resonances in the field, and humble in our acceptation of the sometimes wildly different ways these resonances find form. We celebrate our mutuality, our singularity and our sensitivity towards ourselves and each other.¨


I love it, yes.

Hi,to everyone,just finished viewing the cafe’,WOW,simply enjoyable ,reminded me of the days I was involved in community theater.Break into the Field\Fields of the EverPresentOrigin,can’t wait for the Field notes on Tuesday.:pray:


Echoing Michael: just finished the recorded session. Appreciate the work you all put into this. Best of atemporality to you today!


Just wanted to thank all three of you (@Geoffrey_Edwards, @madrush, and @hfester) for a marvelous presentation. A perfect way to close out the day and the conference itself (leaving plenty more pathways/directions).

The conference recording is here:

I’ll be adding bios and cleaning things up a bit over the next week.

Thank you again.

Deep bows


On the Conference page, your own presentation doesn’t load. I’d like to watch it, so any chance you can check the connection? Thanks.

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