Stealing Flow: Using Audio Brainwave Technology for Writing and Art, with Douglas Prater


Terrific topic and presentation. It really helped me understand how BWE works. This will help me explain to others what BWE technology is about and what it is good for. I use it but havn’t read up on exactly what is happening to understand how to explain it to others. I really like how Doug and Mark converse and present. Will be back for more. Thank you!


I believe this conversation supports the idea that many of us are moving towards a poly-phasic culture. I have been using binaural beats technology for three decades with varied results. With practice many of us are developing the skills to handle more complexity as we move between liminal zones, tuning into different phases, while holding an intention and hopefully bring back with us what is useful. This is art and a science. Our current mono-phasic cultural bias tends to inhibit our potentials. I enjoyed the sophisticated ideas presented here.


Enjoyed this podcast more than I thought I would. It’s a pragmatic and earthier approach than I expected. And I love the diverse ways people are focused on accelerating their healing and ramping up their creativity.


I would be interested to listen to this one, as I am currently experimenting with the Lambda meditation track. What is needed to get the .FM up and running again? Is it a funding issue?

Try this link! You can also find it on iTunes podcast.

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We’re planning to move the content to metapsychosis / theoryofeverybody /, so as not to have another website to maintain. It’s on the list! Yes, it would help to have more web help…

Jeff Quintero is good with websites.

I look forward to talking with Jeff.

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