The Monterey Friends of CG Jung talks with Brian George - 16 Feb 2023

Originally published at: The Monterey Friends of CG Jung talks with Brian George | Metapsychosis


Date/Time: 16 Feb 2023 @ 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

The Monterey Friends of CG Jung will host a virtual talk with Brian George, on his new book, Masks of Origin: Regression in the Service of Omnipotence. All are welcome to join the live event, but you have to request the Zoom link first. The event takes place from 7-9 pm Pacific time.

The recording will also be made available via their YouTube channel.

About the Monterey Friends of CG Jung:


We are a group of people dedicated to creating a broader and deeper appreciation of analytical psychology, created by C.G. Jung. In our times of unprecedented change, we feel the urgency of re-examining our personal and collective narratives.

We meet regularly, sharing an enthusiasm for the philosophy and practices of depth psychology. Our meetings include presentations, discussions, and other programs.

Also see Friends of Jung’s previous talk with Untimely Books author, Geoffreyjen Edwards, discussing his science fiction novel, Plenum.



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