Upcoming Cafés – Summer 2023 and beyond

Dear @ccafe crew… now that we’ve finished up our series on William Irwin Thompson’s Imaginary Landscape, the field is open for some new explorations and conversations. We began discussing this at the end of our last conversation, though inconclusively, so the purpose of this thread is to share some ideas and come up with a plan.

On a personal note, I will definitely be taking a summer break in July and August, but I could do a couple meetings in June (on the 1st and the 15th), and would be ready to pick up again in September. (Y’all are of course welcome to continue without me in the meantime.)

One idea we floated was to have a talk about psychedelics. Perhaps we could do this on June 15? This could sync up with the huge Psychedelic Science conference happening in Denver, June 19-23. We also wondered if @KlausSansaya would like to join us for this… since she previously suggested to me that we talk about this topic.

For next week, June 1, @Ariadne has suggested that we watch and discuss a film that is dear to her, Loving Vincent, which is available for streaming but you might also find at your local library. I would be in for this. Anyone else?

Thinking ahead to September and beyond… I have already mentioned my desire to host a series on The Gift, by Lewis Hyde, as well as something by Rudolf Steiner possibly. Also, Maía has suggested:

Finally, for a later read, which I think would in a way synthesize many of the philosophical threads we’ve discussed over the years, I think we should consider @MarcoMasi’s epic, Spirit Calls Nature, especially if he can join us for these sessions. We have previously discussed the possibility… but it was some time ago.

Any other ideas or suggestions? I would also like to welcome any new voices who might like to participate. Any would-be member of Cosmos is welcome to organize a Café and I’d be glad to help you set up a Zoom line and related discussion threads. Just chime in below!


I’ll Be In Transition Back to Riverside,California on 06/01/23.
Can make the 06/15/23!

You Can't Stop The Waves #2

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Marco and all, I’d like to add to the Loving Vincent film description that it is a very “psychedelic” originally hand-oil -painted painted (not AI) animation of V. van Gogh’s life, with many of his own paintings brought to scintillating, vibratory life through-out.


If I can find it online to stream, and if I can manage to watch it by then (as I’m somewhat gob-smacked by (a) how many places it is not available to me (because of my geographic location … so much for the planetarization effect of the internet and web), and (b) what labyrinth of marketing ploys one must negotiate in a simple effort to find the lowest cost (I have no local library access where I could “borrow” the item at no cost so that I could just watch it.)… so much for the liberation of information). I just love how technology has bettered my life, and made it more reasonable (cognitively or financially), I’d be up for it.

When you get The Gift organized, I would be a willing participant. The very notion of “gift” has long fascinated me: in contrast to what that particular sound pattern means in English, in German, it means “poison”. Reconciling the antitheses therein in my own aging brain is quite the challenge, hence I have a slightly different dynamic of the notion/“sound pattern” (“concept” is too narrow in this context) . Getting that sorted would be a welcome undertaking.

That CCafé (series) I wouldn’t miss for the world. Brilliant suggestion.

This might need some administration/coordination but it would certainly be worth a go, if arrangeable (MarcoM needs time to accompany it, and we’d need time to engage it.) Count me in on this one, too.


Suggestion: let’s postpone Loving Vincent for now. We can still meet and converse re: “psychedelic” and related experience
June 1st? I know how hard it can be to come up with certain books and films and music…
and I’m always in favor of not rushing things, letting them evolve…


Let’s talk about Psychedelics on June 1. I’ll be coming out of a meeting with a local underground psychedelic legend the day before, so will likely have some trippy download to share.

I’ll create a page for it asap… but possibly not till early next week. Can you save the date for

2023-06-01T18:00:00Z (in your timezone)?

@KlausSansaya, @Douggins, or others ~ you are also welcome to join us!


Next Café page is up:

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