Website updates and a personal check-in

Hi everyone,

I got pulled deep into the weeds over the last couple days working on technical infrastructure for our soon-to-be-launched blogging platform, as well as upcoming reading groups, podcasts, and other fun stuff. In addition to various under-the-hood improvements and bug fixes (mostly relating to media handling), I finally got around to organizing the files from our Spheres reading group, so we can present this (and future) material in a more attractive fashion.

Here is where you will now be able to find all the video and audio files associated with this series in particular:

This lays the groundwork for similar series, as we’ve been discussing in the Cosmos Café. Future posts on (or, or will link back to the forum, so the pretty public page is connected with its corresponding topics. This has already been the case for featured essays and creative works, but I hadn’t yet organized the reading group pages for the same function. [To do: add links from new pages to previously created topics.]

If it seems I’ve ignored your posts, pings, or personal messages over the last couple days, I’ve seen them! Just haven’t been in a mind to sit and read and enjoy (and respond meaningfully to) what you’all have shared, which I look forward to catching up with this weekend.

Thanks for keeping the fire alive… All manner of things shall be well, right? :wink: