[1/30] Topic for Tuesday?

Who’s got something they want to talk about? I’ll be there.

Also, check out the topic template below. Feedback?

Hi there! Below is topic template if you are creating a Cosmos Café event. If you are starting a general conversation, not intended to become an event, try posting in the #commons channel instead, or simply
‘select all’ and delete this content create your post as per usual.

Topic title: [mm/dd] Cosmos Café: Your Name for the Event


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ZOOM link: Launch Meeting - Zoom


One or two paragraphs intro to the topic.


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Context and Backstory

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  • Links that come up in the discussion, if any

Agenda items

  • If any…

Was waiting for a @care_save response…if you have knowledge of her unavailability, then we can go ahead with the human species potential. I’ll have the completed template ready by the end of the day, but, again, it is not an urgent discussion to be had and I admit to still not fully grasping what I mean by the question.
Others are welcome to respond with own ideas, preferences. I wouldn’t even mind a third installment of examining the Tenen stuff (maybe others wishing to read his material would like more time to grasp the readings, though… @johnnydavis54 mentioned just purchasing the book).


@care_save wants to save the Democracy.earth paper for a future week.


Let’s go with your idea, Doug. If Carolyn wants to show up I’m sure she would have done so by now. Please post ASAP and any reading that needs to be done. Much thanks.

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I only have phone internet access and difficulty with editing transferring etc., and will have the template complete late afternoon. No reading …just some mulling over of the Attempt 1&2 offered here. And I will set some guide lines for the discussion, such as recommending very slow thinking rather than jumping to conclusions, leaving out technology/AI in the beginning to see if we can imagine a “completion” without it, etc.


Sometimes there’s simply a lot of value of simply kicking an idea around … and “organizing” a little get-together about it helps organize one’s own thought processes as well. I say we go for it, too.


I have read this already and looked at the videos and find lots of connections between this material and some of the topics raised by last week’s topic. Let’s do it.