Cosmos Café [4/2] - Musical Rejuvenations

Recorded 2 April 2019

Michael and Mark begin with acknowledging music as more primary than sex, working their way through & up the levels of human attractions of polarities,male-female,person-person,campfires with drums beat to our hearts, joy, laughter, sadness, anger, etc, basically music & emotion inter-relate, penetrate,connect & contact each other.

Memories are surrounded with music…love, childhood, high school, college, politically…life in the awesome sense & the individual too. They shared personal songs in relation to our personal histories. Michael shared the music from when his life was in transition into the Beyond & at his celebration of life when everyone can tell stories & dance around the campfire.

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Café will be closed for spring cleaning and cosmic renovations.
Please feel free to leave a message on the Zoom line (requests will be heard! :ear:) or you can plan your own event; our outdoor tables are available if you’d like to sit down for a chat, shoot the breeze or gaze at the stars.
. . . or leave a comment below. What would you like to have happen?


This time of year, many of our frequent cosmic fliers have a loaded flight plan. I am aiming to have the calendar for April filled out in advance. This will help those that wish to attend to plan accordingly. If you have space in your schedule to propose, plan, set-up and/or lead a Café in April, let me know. When the warmer months arrive, we can see what wants to happen.

Also, many missions have others arriving at different points in the galaxy. We have generated alternate universes in the dark of the night. The recent recording of the Generations event, a spin off from recent Café discussions, promises to probe futher into the in-between spaces. It is great to have @patanswer suited up for some of our most recent space missions. He is perhaps the grandfather (well . . . no grandkids yet, right TJ?!) of the Cosmos Café who inspired the crew to steer towards *The Reflexive Universe* - our very first Café gathering.

@Michael_Stumpf, zen master of metaphor, incarnated a central node of recent explorations, that of vision and routine. Reach for the stars, they say! Better yet: Hold tight. Remain grounded. Reign in your cosmonauts with tethering and ground control. Develop a routine. Practice, again and again. Keep your CosmosVision at 20/20 at all times. We must change our lives. Readers and Writers and artists in-between can gain a fluid structure from this regimen, whether we make our café from the top down or drink from the bottom up.

Where do we go from here?
What to explore?
What do we know now
That we didn’t know before?


Thanks for your liminal leadership, Doug. You deserve a break.


Okay, I’m in. So I went to my iTunes playlist and took the fives songs that had the most “plays” and composed this story from the titles:

When the sun falls was the last good time in town I had the first taste of paradise, and now I take it easy because it ain’t me babe.


It’s perfect spring patio weather here in Colorado. Hope y’all will engage @Ariadne @Geoffreyjen_Edwards and so on and so forth.


@Michael_Stumpf “I’ll be your lover, too.” My favorite Van Morrison song. Theme of the movie “Proof of Life”, starring Russel Crowe and Meg Ryan.