Eutopian Visioning

A recommendation for your weekend watching/listening pleasure if you have some time freedom to spare.

From the YT description:

Recognizing that the multiple crises we face globally are confronting us with the limits and blind spots of our present systems, structures, and paradigms, we are inviting people in this new series to offer their best visions for thriving, integrally healthy societies of the future – “eutopias” or planetary wisdom civilizations. How might we better organize and “dwell together”? How might we better integrate with and even optimize our local and global ecologies? What would an integral kosmopolis look like, and what will it take to get there?

In episode 2, JEREMY JOHNSON opens with a rich, orienting discussion of the differences between “utopia” and “eutopia,” and then guides the viewer through a Gebserian vision of the dawning of an integral world and the transformative process of a post-humanist planetization.