How Do We Decide? The Ontology of Self-Governance [CCafe 7/24]

(Marco V Morelli) #1



How does a group—any group—make collective decisions and act with coherent intentionality? What notions of ‘self’ and ‘other’ shape different kinds of groups—what axioms regarding the nature of reality?—and how do these fundamental conceptions (of self, other, being, energy, consciousness, mind, time, power, will, the ‘good’, etc.) inform how the group relates to its environment, and how its members interact with one another?

What are our relative experiences of ‘making group decisions’ on different scales (from local to global)? And going meta (or microcosmic), how do WE (as Café participants) make even simple decisions, such as, ‘What is our topic for the week?’ What are we assuming when we do so? How do our relatively informal acts of self-governance open and close possibilities?

I am proposing this topic as preparatory for later, more concrete discussions on how Cosmos itself, as a cooperative, will govern itself—or how WE, as (sovereign?) constituent-owners, will use tools of governance to express ourselves. However, I would prefer to save specific operational discussion for a different occasion, and use this Café for a more open-ended collaborative inquiry that should happen before (IMO) making any real decisions, anyway.

Note: I have a proposed a separate topic for the particular protocol of decentralized, distributed, digital governance called CoGov (here)—and there are other such systems we have discussed, such as Democracy.Earth and MiVote—but the intention in this talk is to focus on the philosophical layer of the equation, not a particular technology, process, or implementation. Most essentially (but not essentialist-ly), I propose this talk as an inquiry into the we.


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(Katina Press) #2

Is this reading / discussion thread still open? I am very interested in learning more about this topic and continuing the conversation. Is “…Self-Governance” still in progress? If so, I would like an invite.

Thank you!


(Douglas Duff) #3

Hello Katina,

This thread is open to all and we welcome any thoughts! We went in all directions during the conversation so wondering what in particular interests you?

We did have a conversation with Raymond Powell, a Holochain community builder and principal author and developer of recently and the discussion can be found here:

(Katina Press) #4

Thank you very much. Douggins!