Metaphors for Health ( an adjacent possibility)

“When you can’t think of anything else for yourself than fear of the diseases that are taking place around you in an epidemic, and go to sleep at night with these thoughts of fear, then unconscious after-images and imaginations–imbued with fear–are created in the soul. And this is a good seedbed in which pathogenic germs can nestle, thrive, and find a pleasant breeding ground.” ~ Rudolf Steiner

Fear of disease is sometimes worse than the disease itself. I would like to invite us to think about this follow up question initiated by the conversation we had today. I offer this question as an antidote to the fear mongering bombarding us. The Imaginal realms are very powerful.

And when Health at your best, Health is like what?


Health and healing are about more than the eradication of disease. Health is related to wholeness and holy-knowing who we are and how we are connected with the world around us.

Larry Dossey

Health at my best is when I feel pain or any instability in this BodyMind & in the Environment which Body-Mind is Embedded,Health is Wholeness as best as I can Experience, for if not non-existence or Aliveness would be gone.
Health at my best is to be able to feel even numbness in my body,for then there is at least the Feeling of Something .