Cosmos Café: CoSM Winter Solstice edition [12/23]

(Marco V Morelli) #1

@johnnydavis54, @patanswer, @wronitz, @sororbrigid, @brianpatrickmyers, @rjtroise, and any other peeps in the greater NYC area~

I am planning to visit Alex and Alyson Grey’s Chapel of Sacred Mirrors (COSM) for their Winter Solstice Celebration on 12/23. It goes from 7 pm to 1 am, but the grounds are open starting at noon.

It occurred to me that COSM could be a good place for a meet-up, as it is just off the Metro North line from Grand Central Station. We could get together in the afternoon—in the ‘Mushroom Cafe’ at ~2 pm—and those wish to stay for the evening event can do so.

I have never been to COSM but it has been on my wish list of places to visit for some time. It looks like the Greys & co are creating an amazing visionary-artistic spiritual sanctuary. My brother is riding up with me for the event, and I hope to meet new friends, too.

PS. I will be in the NYC area from appx. 12/19 through the 29th, and will likely make at least one other trip into Manhattan and/or Brooklyn…so if you can’t make it to COSM but would still like to get together, just let me know and hopefully we can arrange something. I know this is a busy time for most of us, and I will be spending most of it with my family on Long Island. But I would love to take advantage of the opportunity while I am on the east coast to meet up with some digital friends in the flesh.

(Wendy Ronitz-Baker ) #2

Hi Marco.
I am definitely in for COSM at noon on the 23rd. I am familiar with the Grey’s work and I will tell you when I see you how I was exposed to their art for the first time :slight_smile:

The drive from where I am in Connecticut to Wappinger Falls is pretty straightforward. So I can easily meet you there.

Let me know if this definitely a date :slight_smile:


(Marco V Morelli) #3

Hi Wendy, That’s great to hear! Could we meet at 1 or 2 pm? I don’t think I’ll be getting there exactly at noon…

(Wendy Ronitz-Baker ) #4

Sure. I am flexible on time. It should take me 90 minutes to get there. Shoot me an email or text when you head out and I will plan accordingly.

Can’t wait to see you!


(Marco V Morelli) #5

That sounds good. Will do, Wendy!

(Wendy Ronitz-Baker ) #6

Hi Marco,
Its supposed to be raining cats and dogs tomorrow, but I’m ok driving in that. If something changes on your end, let me know.
I will shoot to be there around 1pm


(Marco V Morelli) #7

I’ll be taking the train, so should be fine. Will be arriving just before 2. See you soon!

(caro arévalo) #8

Hi everyone! I was off to Peru for a month and I just got back to NYC. I would’ve loved to meet you all at CoSM for their winter solstice. Anyways I’ll be painting live at their February full moon gathering if anyone’s interested in swinging by! :dizzy::alien:

(Marco V Morelli) #9

Hi, @carolina-arevalo! Welcome. Sorry I didn’t get to meet you in New York. I would love to see some of your paintings in person some day. I will probably not be there in February, but I am hoping to return in the summertime, if possible for the next solstice. Maybe we’ll have a chance then. Best wishes for a creatively inspired new year. :confetti_ball: :art: :rocket:

(Brigid Burke) #10

Hi, Marco! Sorry I missed you on this trip–between the extreme cold and a steady stream of visitors to my house, it didn’t work out–I was hoping it might. Hope you enjoyed your trip–have a happy new year and I’ll talk to you in a couple of weeks.


(Marco V Morelli) #11

Now that I’m back home, I can upload some photos from this event—courtesy of my brother Anthony. I was really impressed with the sense of place at CoSM. The space itself, in shape and color, felt invested with life and meaning. The people were kind. There was a balance of order and chaos. There was commerce between heaven and earth. I once lived in a mountain commune like this, which preserved a sense of purpose and hope for human life. There is a living knowledge in such places, even (potentially) a secret society and alternate cosmic order: they participate in the imaginal realm.

Of course, one night and one experience is just that, a state and not the full picture. But this visit gave me a perspective on the possible. I learned what it feels like to be there. I listened, spoke, observed. I relaxed and enjoyed the show. I’m glad we got to meet up, Wendy! I hope to be back…

At the wooded entrance

Guardian in the parking lot

With my brother, Ant

Cosmic Christ

The Mushroom Café

Hi, @wronitz!

Order Here

Cistern at the Goddess’ crown chakra

The evening event begins

The fire outside

(Ann Roberts) #12

loved reading and connection with the energy of these Winter Solstice gathering. To know these are happening all over the planet is heart warming. Here is a picture of our fire for our overnight vigil.