Cosmos Café: CoSM Winter Solstice edition [12/23]

@johnnydavis54, @patanswer, @wronitz, @sororbrigid, @brianpatrickmyers, @rjtroise, and any other peeps in the greater NYC area~

I am planning to visit Alex and Alyson Grey’s Chapel of Sacred Mirrors (COSM) for their Winter Solstice Celebration on 12/23. It goes from 7 pm to 1 am, but the grounds are open starting at noon.

It occurred to me that COSM could be a good place for a meet-up, as it is just off the Metro North line from Grand Central Station. We could get together in the afternoon—in the ‘Mushroom Cafe’ at ~2 pm—and those wish to stay for the evening event can do so.

I have never been to COSM but it has been on my wish list of places to visit for some time. It looks like the Greys & co are creating an amazing visionary-artistic spiritual sanctuary. My brother is riding up with me for the event, and I hope to meet new friends, too.

PS. I will be in the NYC area from appx. 12/19 through the 29th, and will likely make at least one other trip into Manhattan and/or Brooklyn…so if you can’t make it to COSM but would still like to get together, just let me know and hopefully we can arrange something. I know this is a busy time for most of us, and I will be spending most of it with my family on Long Island. But I would love to take advantage of the opportunity while I am on the east coast to meet up with some digital friends in the flesh.

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Hi Marco.
I am definitely in for COSM at noon on the 23rd. I am familiar with the Grey’s work and I will tell you when I see you how I was exposed to their art for the first time :slight_smile:

The drive from where I am in Connecticut to Wappinger Falls is pretty straightforward. So I can easily meet you there.

Let me know if this definitely a date :slight_smile:


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Hi Wendy, That’s great to hear! Could we meet at 1 or 2 pm? I don’t think I’ll be getting there exactly at noon…

Sure. I am flexible on time. It should take me 90 minutes to get there. Shoot me an email or text when you head out and I will plan accordingly.

Can’t wait to see you!


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That sounds good. Will do, Wendy!

Hi Marco,
Its supposed to be raining cats and dogs tomorrow, but I’m ok driving in that. If something changes on your end, let me know.
I will shoot to be there around 1pm


I’ll be taking the train, so should be fine. Will be arriving just before 2. See you soon!

Hi everyone! I was off to Peru for a month and I just got back to NYC. I would’ve loved to meet you all at CoSM for their winter solstice. Anyways I’ll be painting live at their February full moon gathering if anyone’s interested in swinging by! :dizzy::alien:

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Hi, @carolina-arevalo! Welcome. Sorry I didn’t get to meet you in New York. I would love to see some of your paintings in person some day. I will probably not be there in February, but I am hoping to return in the summertime, if possible for the next solstice. Maybe we’ll have a chance then. Best wishes for a creatively inspired new year. :confetti_ball: :art: :rocket:

Hi, Marco! Sorry I missed you on this trip–between the extreme cold and a steady stream of visitors to my house, it didn’t work out–I was hoping it might. Hope you enjoyed your trip–have a happy new year and I’ll talk to you in a couple of weeks.


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Now that I’m back home, I can upload some photos from this event—courtesy of my brother Anthony. I was really impressed with the sense of place at CoSM. The space itself, in shape and color, felt invested with life and meaning. The people were kind. There was a balance of order and chaos. There was commerce between heaven and earth. I once lived in a mountain commune like this, which preserved a sense of purpose and hope for human life. There is a living knowledge in such places, even (potentially) a secret society and alternate cosmic order: they participate in the imaginal realm.

Of course, one night and one experience is just that, a state and not the full picture. But this visit gave me a perspective on the possible. I learned what it feels like to be there. I listened, spoke, observed. I relaxed and enjoyed the show. I’m glad we got to meet up, Wendy! I hope to be back…

At the wooded entrance

Guardian in the parking lot

With my brother, Ant

Cosmic Christ

The Mushroom Café

Hi, @wronitz!

Order Here

Cistern at the Goddess’ crown chakra

The evening event begins

The fire outside


loved reading and connection with the energy of these Winter Solstice gathering. To know these are happening all over the planet is heart warming. Here is a picture of our fire for our overnight vigil.