Cosmos Café [8/27] - Open Café

Recorded 27 August 2019

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I will be able to attend for the first 45 minutes (up to an hour max). It would be great to catch up with you “better angels” if able to attend for a few today. We have the Introduction to Staying with the Trouble scheduled for September 3rd in case you missed the notification. Today will be a regrouping of sorts. I did enjoy @Michael_Stumpf and @achronon in their relaxed conversation last week about liminal driving (another reason to stay off the roads!) and “driving by the seat of your pants” :oncoming_automobile:

I will state a few strands I am exploring for “personal” reasons, though it may connect with the upcoming Gebser conference along with some of our recent talks on the imaginal, the liminal and the paranormal:

  • Carl Jung is a deep soul I explored during undergraduate years…though he was hardly discussed in my psychology courses (a brief mention in Theories of Personality course). I despised the direction psychology was supposed to go (objective, scientific…even the experimental studies seemed so limiting and out of touch with reality), and that my education was such a surface level skimming. I hardly retained anything from my courses but have kept Jung near. Earlier this year I reread all of my other kindred soul’s work (Hesse). Hesse is a wanderer and a lone wolf. Jung is more of an explorer and had a host of chthonic animals at his side. For the second half of this year I am embarking on a reading of Jung’s biographies and collected works.

  • This reading of Jung was sparked by a loose understanding of Henry Corbin’s work on the mundus imaginalis. Gary Lachman and Tom Cheetham have written about Corbin and the imaginal. As the reading pattern becomes more intricate and subtle, more names appear and more connections arise.

  • Works like Jennifer Dumpert’s Liminal Dreaming along with readings of the paranormal have strengthened my personal practice (if it can be called a practice…) and are a healthy supplement to the heavier readings of the above mentioned.

Most importantly, I am changing. This is a slow, gradual, seeping, all-encompassing (sweeping) change. I can share some of this, but it seems a bit too personal, so might save it for private conversations…plus I have yet to reach the articulate speech of the heart to speak truth to my feelings. Always willing to give it a try…and what better place to do so than with kindred cosmic souls.