The Social Brain: culture, change and evolution | Bret Weinstein [TBD]

Topic for date TBD:


@madrush I did just hear back from Terri.
We are in some confusion, but perhaps this is all unfolding as part of some process of the social brain evolving!?

Could you and @johnnydavis54 make a decision and let me, and @Terri know? No biggy.

I am watching Weinstein now. perhaps he has some insights that will be relevant to our processes as well!

Let’s go with you and Terri. Thanks Durwin for setting this up.

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Okay, Durwin, thanks for following up.

To confirm: Terri will be joining us at 12 pm Mountain time tomorrow (7/3) ?

Before then, could you write up a brief (one paragraph or so) description of the topic, which includes the questions you (and we) might have for Terri or what we’ll be exploring?

So far I have: Sex & Gender reasoning…lectical assessment…stages of consciousness…other approaches to integral assessment.

Here is the Zoom link we’d be using, for anyone who needs it: Launch Meeting - Zoom

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The “Z axis”!! Yes. Exactly.
“Arguing” in order to discover what is true, rather than to win.
Really looking forward to the “infinite” discussion.