Cosmos Café: Visionary Knots of The Mereon Matrix, with author Lynnclaire Dennis [4/24/18]



The Café crew welcomes author Lynnclaire Dennis to talk about her essay “Philosophical Thought and Thinking Aloud Allowed,” which is Chapter 3 in The Mereon Matrix: Unity, Perspective and Paradox

The Mereon Matrix is a dynamic natural pattern of sound, vibration, and shape that exhibits mathematical and spiritual dimensions. Lynneclaire is communicating the deep implications of this pattern—which she first perceived through a near-death experience—to all of humanity. The chapter provides glimpses of the historical, cultural, and scientific elements that serve as the philosophical and scientific foundation for exploring and interpreting the Mereon Matrix, in particular the Mereon Trefoil.

The Mereon Trefoil Knot from various perspectives:

About Lynnclaire:

Co-founder and visionary of The Mereon Legacy CIC, a nonprofit, Community Interest Company based in the UK, Lynnclaire is the visionary behind Mereon Solutions, designing social projects based on this natural approach to innerpersonal and interpersonal relationships. Her passion is helping people achieve their personal ‘why’ and Purpose, growing with the flow using the knowledge implicit in this universal ‘how’.

A global citizen, while she feels at home almost anywhere in the world, Lynnclaire feel’s blessed to be a resident of Spain, and declares that a ‘best’ day is working while overlooking the Mediterranean and the mountains from her small, glass walled and ceiling atelier.

Discover more at:

The Mereon website
The Mereon Legacy CIC YouTube Channel

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Light to all from another rainy day on the Costa del Sol. I’m looking forward to our dialogue next week! While free flowing dialogue is wonderful, please, if you have a specific questions you’d like me to reflect on or respond to, do so before hand. And yes, thank you Lisa! How it it that we’ve been talking about your visit or a year and you’ve come and gone already? —time is a very strange (k)nothing…:sunglasses: Here’s to :butterfly: transformation! lynnclaire


Hi @LDennis33, I’ve read through the chapter a couple times, and also reviewed the website, and some of the videos on your YouTube channel. I’m very impressed with everything you and your community have put together, and I have many questions jotted down!

But first, I do want say how amazing the visualizations are; the flowing imagery is exquisitely immersive. I love the soundscapes too, and I recognize Javi Otero’s work; I have meditated with his tracks before. I have the distinct feeling we may go deep today, but we are only going to scratch the surface of the vision you’ve been working with.

One question I’d very interested to explore with you is how you view the role of technology in the Mereon Matrix. It’s a topic we’ve been discussing, with some passion, since we began this Cosmos Café—which is self-reflexive, since we’re using technology to host these events. It seems to me you are exploring new ways to use technology in your work, as well, and I’m curious how you see that unfolding.

I have other questions, too, but will save them. I’m looking forward to our talk today, and thank you in advance for joining us!


And in the beginning there is movement.The personal pronoun ‘I’ emerges at the start. The Inner Ear and the vestibular system orients us in space and is the first system to emerge in the embryo.Probably fundamental for the organization of the body is a sense of location. In many of my OBEs, my first research question was ," Where are we? And what is our relationship to the Earth?"

This earthbound need to re-orient within the trans-physical dimensions is much like returning to the place where you started from and knowing it for the first time. In this picture of the elegant architecture of the Inner Ear, I am reminded of a topological figure. I am sure sound and sensation are coordinated somehow through these tiny little canals. Lucid dreamers reportedly have good vestibular systems and a heightened kinsesthic/proprioceptive sense. Are we looking at a pattern that connects the invisible and visible, the feeling of movement?

Thanks to the Cosmos crew for the quality of attention and to Lynnclaire for balancing a cool head with a warm heart! Alternative ways of knowing are supported at the Cosmos Cafe. I’m proud of us.

John discussing inner ear experience:


Marco, thank you. I only saw this after our call. Your words touch me deeply.
Mark, Lisa, Ed, Marcos and John, thank you. I am so grateful for the time we spent.

Attached is the story about the scientist I mentioned, and it also includes an meeting that was far more magical. I’ve not opened them for a decade, so please forgive typos and grammatical errors as they are drafts. I keep praying for an editor to come into my life, all the while remembering that vulnerability is our greatest strength



Great Balls of Fire.pdf (83.2 KB)

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Marco, it took me one full year to write/compose ThetaMark,. I then turned it over to Javi, and it took him six months to perform what we beta tested as ‘Reasonance’. :butterfly:


Marco, I’d love to know when you plan to activate your ‘Theory of Everybody’ website. It resonates with the non-theoretical tag for Belonging; Everyone matters. Everyone counts. The truth reflected in this sadly doesn’t mean it is true for our experiences or that it has be a ‘goal’. While We can make this universal knowledge known, what was long incomprehensible presently comprehensible, it doesn’t mean anyone among us has to be saviour or scapegoat. There is too much hubris in the world as it is. Transformation is free to those who are willing and have ears ready to hear. LD


Thank you ever so much for sharing this, Lynnclaire. Great balls of fire are indeed bright, but Simone is brilliant.

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Thank you Ed. And that story is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg! The tragedy is that when I moved to Europe in 1999, I lost track of her, and for the life of my have been unable to remember her family name. I know her father worked for Proctor and Gamble, and she and her mom lived in a small town just north of Monterrey… One day…


John, I am in the middle of digging out some images for you that relate the spiral, the ear and brain! I’ll be back!


Thank you, Lynnclaire!

I will let you know for sure, @LDennis33. I hope soon! Thank you again for so generously sharing your time with us. “Reasonance” is the track I have meditated with, and it’s one of my favorites.


Link? Pointer? The internet is a big place, or am I simply being me-blinkered?

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It’s been an interesting day in Marbella… I was sitting at my desk when I suddenly heard a sound, got nauseated, and the thought ‘earthquake’ ran through my head seconds before it actually happened. This use to be my favourite party trick when I lived on the edge of a volcano, when it happened I’d tell people to hang on, we were going to go for a ride. I lost track of how many times Pele bounced me out of bed —literally— at least once a week. Joy to all. Lynnclaire

cosmos cafe.pdf (3.33 MB)


Ed, I had access to the tracks through working with iAwake Technologies (on their website)—which I talked about here: Stealing Flow: Using Audio Brainwave Technology for Writing and Art, with Douglas Prater.

Javi used to work with iAwake, but looks now to be working on his own projects: (beautiful website, btw, which I’m just now seeing for the the first time.)

Meanwhile, Reasonance is apparently no longer available: Reasonance Discontinued - iAwake Technologies

I understand that ‘Reasonance’ was a collaboration with Lynneclaire, so she may know its fate!

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As long as I haven’t been sucked into the internet void, I’m content.

When I searched for “Reasonance”, I got a hit – at iAwake, oddly enough, that showed the keyword, but when I clicked on the link and was taken there, no Reasonance was to be found. It was one of those cases of OK-so-what’d-I-miss?

Everything makes sense now. Thanks for the clarification, and the internal pointers as well. (I’m on the site a lot, I’ll admit, but I don’t read/listen to/watch everything.)

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Thanks for this, Lynnclaire. Pretty isn’t necessary, the content speaks clearly enough. I’m starting to get a much better feel for how this all fits together.

Having said that, it would be helpful, though, when plopping something in from a published work to at least add a reference (I’m not sure if the heading on the page is from the book or the particular chapter; the book title would probably be enough), as it expedites any follow-up that the reader might be interested in pursuing. Thanks.


First: Apologies for lack of references; all are screenshots from our yet to be released book… not for public distribution.

Re: REASONANCE: It took me a year to do the math and Javi 6 months to produce. It was in a 2 year beta test with IWAKE that ended April 1. We are now initiating medical testing and it will be rereleased under the name THETAMARK when those tests results are in. There is a bit about it on Stay tuned :smiley:

Questions are all welcome! It’s fun to respond…

Here is what is keeping me very busy!


Though not necessarily visionary, the attached article is worth a read because of the knotty issues it addresses and which we CCaférs spent some time trying to unravel, both with Mereon and Meru.

NewSci-HowToReadInca-TheseKnotsChangeEverything.03oct2018.pdf (828.3 KB)


With a writing system dependent on touch, says Hyland, “you must have a different way of being in the world”.

A different way of being in the world…interesting…feels like they were drawing upon a different somatic blend…finger eye coordinations…gestures that unfold alternate ways of processing information, from different arrangements of the senses…different ways of knowing…must have had some synesthetic effects upon the ‘reader’ perhaps beyond the three dimensions noted by the researcher. If these readers were more than just accountants but had access to mythic and magical structures, we might expect that they were working out some complex social topologies…inter-intra-extra dimensions!

What really decimated the Indian population was not the military might of the Conquistadors but the microbes they carried with them, overwhelming immune systems. This was a clash of biology, as much as culture, a clash between different kinds of embodiment. The epidemic probably wiped out the occult arts these people had developed, which was probably as sophisticated as their architecture.